An revolution of changes is coming

Published by on maj 1, 2009 at 12:52 e m

Last day of Gulltaggen was full of world class speakers. Something to think about is that many of this big thinkers did say the same thing: An revolution of changes is coming. Our business life is standing in front of an shift in the same way as the industrial revolution.

Chris Anderson did point out changes in how everything is becoming FREE, witch also the topic of his next book. As he pointed it out: “You cant fight free is given.” Last time I was at Chris lecture, he got a lot of questions because of the fear the meaning of free means for a lot of the todays business world. This time he had develop his lecture with a lot of historical points so it would be more easy to understand  why free is becoming an reality. The way business operate today is not working tomorrow. “Business a usual”  will only change because of it don’t have a chance to survive in the context of tomorrow. Corporations do want to be relevant for consumers to get them to keep pay paying for products and services. But as Chris pointed out it is only a few that has to pay to Google and the rest enjoy it for free. We are going to see more brands becoming 95% free, the other 5% is willing to pay a lot because Google makes it relevant.

Whatever business you´re in, sooner ore later  you´re going to have to compete with free.
Chris Anderson

Seth Godin was speech was excellent, he was holding it by satellite. Since Norway is an country that is appreciating nature in an extreme high level. Seth point in creating Purple Cows was well accepted and understood. A lot of the Seth Godin fans in the audience where so happy about his message that I believe some of them will arrange for real Purple Cows to show up in the nature of Norway.

Dr. Kjell A. Nordström could be an professor in speech rhetoric. As the picture point out, is that the business world needs to open up for al people, like the US did for Barack Obama. One of his strongest point where: In a world that don’t like to take risk, is woman more wanted than men. Universities al over the world now have around 70% woman taken classes in business – so the future business leaders will be females.

In China has consumers started to shop collective. Mike did call it collective retail and it works like this. 300 consumers get together and go into a shop and say, hey we like to buy this product – give us some discount, ore we will leave the shop directly. I got the feeling of that the audience did not believe that trends in Asia is so relevant for Scandinavia, but what happens in Asia doesn’t stay in Asia.
Mike Walsh, CEO, Tomorrow

Big thinkers points out the revolution is coming, but are you ready for an revolution? I believe that the business world are ready for change because of the economic boom, hard times is good times for accepting that changes are coming.