GTA 4: Game errors on purpose?

Published by on maj 2, 2008 at 5:59 e m

The new game version of Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) are having problems. The game is freezing and there are reports about problems with online killing. Could this be the first peace project done by a programmer how got enough of al the killing?

The graphic is excellent; soon will Hollywood try to follow (but they don’t got the same budget).
Did ask some gamers that were sleeping outside a shop to by the game last week: What’s the best thing with GTA 4? You can shot cops! A shocking answer, but that is and has always been the point – if it shock people it’s popular (but it’s not fun if you are a cop).

It is an extremely violent game that have got journalist to nearly pray for parents on television. The effect is that it will only see more if parents don’t like it – so it’s a tricky question. Coke did a “nice version” of GTA 4 in its commercial and its already classical.

It is really smart move; it talks both to kids (hidden points for gamers). And it cool down parents like cold Coke. The question is why not more brands are doing what I call Debriefing Branding?