Fresh juice vs. Fresh culture

Published by on maj 25, 2012 at 12:10 e m

A small juice producing brand in Sweden named Froosh is changing the rules of how to package products. Their message on the bottle’s is really outstanding:

Live longer than your friends, better than Botox, Look good naked.

Their creativity and culture makes them stand out from the normal anonymous message. Their juices is is tasting really good BUT that is not the point. The point that fascinates me is that I find juice companies all over the world being more creative, modern, and more flexible than other business. I can’t stop thinking about it. Why is that so? Is it that their corporate culture is like their product (young and fresh?). Yes! Often young companies do not have a history that can hold their creativity back.

In short I think it could be some of this facts explaining their creativity:
1. Lack of history (everything is fresh).
2. They are all depending on nature – the link to nature is increasing in some businesses and it is great!
3. To make quality demands passion.
4. Juice brands are demanded by more conscious- and demanding consumers.
5. It gives a higher meaning and satisfaction to work with nature instead of against it (at the same time give consumers better health).
6. Their goal is to have nothing else than nature’s own gift in their juice. Which can be translated to: do not put BS into the corporate culture.
7. A lot of things I don’t know yet (but I love to jump into the juice bottle – to find out how to live longer than my friends).

Like the Australian juice brand Nudie points out:

Nudie is for people who… Love walking in the rain without an umbrella

Think that says it al about the attitude of the juice fresh culture.