From Twitter followers to leaders

Published by on november 9, 2009 at 11:25 f m

I had mayor problems with getting Twitter to function since the beginning of october. I could not log on to my account or export my bloggpost to Twitter. Yesterday I started to blog about this and got a great responses from followers with suggestions and also like Delbius and Martin Lindeskog (thanks). Others users are explains that both Twitter and Facebook has mayor problems in responding on support questions. I got this this message in an email from Twitter support:

Twitter is a free service, and we can’t answer every email that we get. A small team of 7 people strive to answer thousands of requests each day. If your request is assigned to a Support person, it means that someone is working on your ticket. If it takes awhile to get a response, please be patient.
Twitter support

Yesterday they finally fix the problem. Strange that they not are using support to spread and build the Twitter fantribe? Well, they having a forum, but this not enough. Twitter got a great members, but they are to few. Instead of hiring more employes they could build an bigger fantribe that help them to fix problems, protect their brand and speedup innovation. This would make from Twitter followers to become their leaders.