From Rent-A-Wreck to Date-A-Wreck

Published by on augusti 19, 2006 at 11:15 f m

With al beauty focusing in our society it a need for a change. There is a market for used things even for used relations. It is no bad to be a brand also a market for ugly things (beauty is coming from the inside). Too little fun and buzz on the date sites, with generic concepts. They al say that they deliver but maybe not what I am looking for?
I did a big mistake for many years a go, at one of my first lectures. For a big audience I wanted to show them evidence of that “the bad taste is big business” does exist. So I asked them do you now how many records Barry Manilow sells a year? No they answers they I fill in I don’t know but it is millions and he makes billions. But at one lecture two persons in the audience replayed, “we have his records and we don’t think it is bad taste!” The point is good anyway but I don’t use it anymore (but I wont by his record).

When will we se up and rolling?

I personally love the Rent-A-Wreck concept. First when I did here about it was in the states when I started to complain about that al the cars I could see and rent was to new and didn’t have the right old American feeling. But someone else did find the solution before me – Rent-A-Wreck. I wonder when we will see the same service in dating? It could be named as counterbalance to al the beauty focus the society are throwing on us. And I don’t think beauty is what al people are looking for. This dating service could be places where soul mates meet that are not looking for a beautiful shell.
How is this solution a bad idea? Ore is it a case full of demand from consumers? Why is the dating business, big business? What do you think “the bad taste is big business” does exist? Witch is the worlds biggest bad taste brands?