From E-Commerce to Word-Commerce

Published by on mars 18, 2019 at 11:53 f m

In the “cash-free society”, cash is exchanged for “words” when money comes and goes, yet the “words” remain.

Twice recently, I traveled to the US and stumbled upon a valuable trend. With digitalization, cash disappears, and instead, the transactions are based on the credibility of the individuals; they give their word.
Expressions such as “I promise” and “certify” are utilized to give your word. People exchange values with each others and utilize various products / services based on words.
Depending on the words a customer employs, one may receive varying prices when shopping.
For example, there are cafes who charge lower prices on their coffee, if you order it politely.
In NY, I was not charged for a meal at the “SweetGreen Restaurant”, after taking part in a great conversation with the staff.

“Word-commerce” is becoming digitized.
Beneath the surface, there are tremendous technological developments within digitalization, to replace keyboards, and screens, for sound-based interaction, such as Alexa.
When we link the words to pure transactions, “E-Commerce” will be renamed “Word-Commerce”.
Consequently, your voice, and the right choice of words, can be used as payment when you shop online, and offline.

How can you increase your success with this valuable trend?