Revolution: Interview with Tom Gardner

Published by on maj 8, 2009 at 8:40 f m

Make a note, Tom Gardner is no fool. He is an unorthodox thinker that doesn’t fit into the grey box of the finance world. He is extremely open minded, has a witty personality along with a humble attitude. Tom Gardners community attracts 5 million visitors per month! In other words, he influences the stock exchange more than most newspapers do. After his lecture at Stockholm Media Week he sat down with me for an interview, that turned into a jam session on how to change the economic recession we are facing today.

Here are some fact about the person that is no fool:

Tom set sights with brother David on, The Motley Fool’s website. Today, the Fool has grown into an international multimedia network offering financial solutions to millions of individuals worldwide seeking to make better financial decisions and improve their overall quality of life.

Tom delivered so many points, here are some of the best:
A lot of big thinkers are saying that a revolution is coming. Do you agree?
Yes! A lot of things are going to change.
Barack Obama, can he change anything/everything?
Well, Obama is a good change, but he is working in a context and a system that doesn’t necessarily welcome change.
Will the economic system become more hones? No more lies?:
You can’t manipulate and fool people as much as before.
Is the whole business world based on fake?
There are some good cases, corporations that are real, such as for example Costco. They give consumers value for their money in an honest way.
Do we need to change the whole economic system?
We can change the rules and base it on good values. We need to change the incentives so that business leaders work for an honest growth of the business in a long term perspective and not like today with maybe just a six-months perspective. IKEA is an good case where the founder has been involved for a long time, giving the corporation the time to establish itself as an unique and honest partner that will be there in the long run for consumers.

I think Tom can change the whole world by the influence of the community that he has built. Think about the power of money that 5 million stock fans can put into action to change things. Barack Obama is no fool, so I think Obama should have a talk with Tom and see how they can change the way the business world spins into a new positive direction.

Thanks to Stockholm Media Week for bringing this fool proof thinker to Sweden. We need more of his kind over here.

Photo: Anna Hållams.