Fans “pimp up” IKEA and make profit

Published by on februari 20, 2008 at 1:25 f m

IKEA fans has founded Parts of Sweden.

When you just feel like you need a little inspiration or just want to “pimp up” your old Ikea furniture, pay us a visit. We’re open around the clock. Parts of Sweden is both a web shop and a so-called ‘community.’ If you have a smart idea or feel something is missing from our product range, contact us. We reward good ideas.

They even Pimp up Billy (the world’s most famous bookshelf). It would be cool know what Kamprad the father of Billy says about this Pimping of IKEA. I think its cool, did wrote about it in my latest book and I do think a lot of brands are missing market shares because of they don’t see the blind spots (where the fans are dancing with their wallets).

To improve their offer they are searching for designers. IKEA started a lot of their success with copying master pieces and now are the IKEA copy extension are looking for their own designers.
They got links as Pimp it up and PIMP FOR FREE (yes in capitals). Is not what I think is IKEA corporate style, but big corporations needs a lot of passion so I think they can hire a lot of good talent from this fans.