Fans are driving the PR Rally for Mitsubishi

Published by on januari 18, 2006 at 3:52 e m

This week I ended up on a PR event for Mitsubishi in Stockholm. They did show their cars and that they are a winner in the Dakar rally. As a consumer am also a winner if I buy their car. There is no car brand that will say that you are a loser, so way should I believe them on a PR event? Because I was talking with a devoted fan called Kristoffer Bylund. He runs a fan site called Evoix (in Swedish). It was really great to talk with Kristoffer how is a passionate fan with great knowledge about his car. He did show me his ONE love (his car) and also involved me to start driving rally (in an Mitsubishi car, but as a beginner NOT in his car).

Car brands like, BMW, SAAB and Volvo have work against fans site and stop the passion. With fans brands can win more than Dakar (sharing and spreading passion around and in the brand will make others like to drive the car).

ONE interesting dimension is that this fan is living in a part of Sweden that is perfect for rally (it is like a Swedish version of the Dakar). This devoted fan is driving 8000 miles a year! That is what will make reporters write an extra mil about Mitsubishi.
If you are a fan ore now others, please send me an email.
What other brands do you see could work with there fans in media relations?