Exclusive advices from Björn Jakobson founder of BabyBjörn

Published by on juni 20, 2013 at 1:22 e m

I had the honor to meet Björn Jakobson, founder BabyBjörn. I meet Björn at Artipelag – a beautiful building for art and culture exhibition in the Stockholm archipelago. The Building is designed and belongs to Björn. It got that world class ambitions (most things grow in nature – even art).

Later that evening I held a lecture for entrepreneurs. Before the lecture I asked Björn, a legendary entrepreneur, for some advices to the audience. With Björn’s permission I would also like to share them with readers on my blog:

1. Forget yourself (focusing on your surroundings).
2. Intellectual property rights.
3. Solid cash flow.
4. Few products.
5. Always be no 1.
6. Be present.
7. Be independent of banks.

Today BabyBjörn is a multi million business that started off with a humble investment of 300 Euros and hard work – for example traveling 110 days each year for 25 years. Behind all the work I sense a unique leadership that seems to be based on more than the traditional “walk the talk” leadership. I sense dimensions of passion and emotions that Björn visualizes in colors. A leadership that I would call “paint the talk” – a colorful version of leadership.

Björn is an entrepreneur who started a small company that took small steps and is now running all over the world (as their consumer do – they sell product for kids).

BabyBjörn—adorable umlauted dimples and all—has attained a level of success that most brands only dream of. The brand’s widespread reputation for offering both quality and fashion has practically made it shorthand for an entire product sector.

I meet Björn through my friend Charlotta Huldt, an opera singer, entrepreneur, and the founder of StrömstadOperan. Charlotte’s company is in the phase of taking baby steps with the potential to grow into something magical.