EM 2008: Would you hire Zlatan Ibrahimović?

Published by on juni 11, 2008 at 8:44 f m

Normally does Greece food taste really good in Sweden, but I would not recommend does restaurants today (especially not if you look like Zlatan). The chiefs at restaurants are not so inspired today because of the loss over the Swedes football team, yesterday. The reason they lost was one player Zlatan Ibrahimović, he is a wonderful and talented football player.
I often in meetings and in workshops ask CEOs if they would hired Zlatan (I do mean an super talent person with no traditional background). Most of the time they say – yes we like to win! But in last week I did ask this question to a CEO that did say NO! We would never hire a person as Zlatan, becoues he is now team player he is a star, and we are a team. There is no meaning for our company to win if the team is not winning.
What he meant, was that their corporate culture and philosophy is stronger and longer than winning EM 2008. They are the exception, they have a reason for not hiring Zlatan, and most companies look at the paper instead of give the candidate a shot on goal.
I do believe in testing talent than as normal looking into their background instead of their future. Both Zlatan and me have lived in Rosengård. And yes not al companies would hire me, but theirs NO meaning playing in a team where you never get the ball.