Egoists in paradise

Published by on augusti 7, 2006 at 10:14 f m

We’re all egoists (maybe not you and me, but everyone else) and we all want to live in paradise. To sell to the egoist in us, a brand has to create a bit of that paradise. What most brands forget is that paradise building goes on long after the act of consumption. No one wants to sit all alone with his or her wonderful telephones, faxes, and computers. Everyone wants to play with those toys, yet it isn’t the toy that’s the main thing; it’s the play. Everyone wants someone to interact with; everyone wants the positive brand experience to continue.

Are companies out after a divorce, with their consumers?

When you get married you get a ring on your finger, a symbol that helps make the act more concrete. In the corporate world, however, the company’s interest lasts as long as the act of
consumption. After that, the company doesn’t want to hear from you and will only talk to you if you have a complaint – a bit like the tail end of a bad marriage.