Dyslectic bloggers have more fun and makes the world more creative

Published by on april 3, 2006 at 12:00 e m

Being dyslectic and write books, articles and now bloggs sounds like a bad idea for most people. But I find fun and it helps my spelling it also makes me more creative. When I go to different blogs ore websites I often end up in another place because I spell it wrong. So dyslectic bloggers do find more new thinks on the Internet (and have more fun surfing)!
The misspelling on this blog is getting better and better and worse at the same time for being dyslectic is to be word blind. Please do email me here if I am totally wrong with some words, but do not put the corrections on my blog.
I now understand that many of the most creative people in the world is dyslectic, if none of them will write on blogs it will be less creative to read. So please write about creativity and changes but not about spelling (there are many other places to write about spelling).
How is the most famous creative dyslectic you now about (except me)?

Update 10 April:
Dyslexics have all the fun