Does love sell more than sex?

Published by on juli 16, 2010 at 7:39 e m

I read Buyology by Martin Lindstom. In his book Martin digs deep into the question if sex is really selling or not. The short answer is no, not in any level near what most people think. Sex has been the shortcut to attention in advertising since the beginning. What Martin discovers in his massive brain research is that sex gets strong attention but it takes over the attention from both the product and the brand. In other words the sex-shortcut is crowded and does not get brands where they like to end in consumers’ brains.

Emotions are one of the most powerful forces in driving what we buy.
Martin Lindstom, Buyology

For brands it changes the approach a lot. It is like the old saying or singing:

I won’t have sex with you but I would like to make love with you!

Back to the question: Does love sell more than sex? Love attracts more sophisticated attention which does not take over – instead it leads to something (no not sex, but selling products/services and establish brands). My interpretation of Buyology is that love could sell more if the people working with branding discover the power of amore. I will send this blog post to Martin Lindstrom and hope that he will answer the question: Does love sell more than sex?
Have to point out that the book Buyology is not about sex (did it take your attention?). It is more about why we buy. Martin Lindstrom is one of most hard working persons in the branding industry. His books, lectures and consulting challenge how things are done – and ads new insights. This time he digs into Neuromarketing and uses science to discover how our brain is working (or not). Which I suggest it could be renamed as “brainding.”