Context 5 (10): Common goals

Published by on september 10, 2009 at 12:04 f m

Today, the goal for many corporations is more or less to get money from consumers. This is old school management. Here is an update:

We don’t do things to be good. Green is green [the color of the US dollar].
Jeffrey Immelt, CEO, General Electric

Well, Jeffrey, that sounds really great, but if you instead said: “We are making green dollars by saving money for consumers and together in one common goal can save the earth” then you would have one common goal with your consumers. That is one clear goal which both consumers and employees are looking for to achieve. Instead, most brands are saying today: Buy more green stuff. That is passive, consumers of today want to take part actively.
Here is an idea for how Hilton ore SAS that could develop common goals for their guests at their hotels. Contact a software developer who can solve the following challenge: If the consumers are saving energy when staying in the hotel room, they will get a better price when checking out. Then the hotel would save energy/money and the guest would feel inspiration to do so too. Earth would be a winner and the hotel would get fans as they are offering consumers to get more involved with the brand (from the inside).

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