Context 2 (10): Google AdWords into the off-line world

Published by on augusti 13, 2009 at 1:00 e m

Technology is perfect for creating an context. When you search for something online AdWords make sense, it is the answer you are looking for in that context. Bring Google AdWords into the off-line world of real life in the right context–a simple idea that could increase Google’s sales by a factor of 99%. The potential revenues from blurring the boundaries between online and offline are enormous.

How much would you pay for an airbag, 4 seconds before a head-on collision?
You’re driving 120 km/h and your GPS screen sends you an offer: in 20 seconds you may have a head-on collision. Would you like an airbag? The price goes up €100 every other second until the last few seconds when it’s too late… A bit of science fiction, yes, but the principle remains the same: real life, real-time AdWords.

For example, imagine if a brand such as American Express gave away free GPS navigators to their VIP customers in exchange for receiving advertising about hotels, restaurant and anything else of interest when travelling – all with a common denominator: the establishments accept American Express. This would make it so much easier for Amex to sell its cards to merchants. The sales pitch: how would you like 20 million millionaires using GPS to lead them straight to your hotel/restaurant/store?
AdWords, by comparison, are less direct and immediate. You need to be at a computer and remember the horsepower you needed in that uphill stretch a while back. Just think if you could activate the advertising in the middle of the hill, exactly when you needed it? What wouldn’t that mean for an advertiser? This could be done in the free Amex GPS in your car. A simple press of a button would let the driver make a purchase or get more information. Perhaps you could even buy horsepower online – as soon as the transaction is made your turbo is reprogrammed and the extra power goes straight to the wheels just as you need it.

Real life AdWords
Google could easily connect AdWords with Google Earth to make the connection between offline and online by giving you the location of someone who can give you more horsepower when you get back to your computer.

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