Congratulation SAAB for hiring your brand hero Steven Wade

Published by on april 13, 2011 at 11:48 f m

This is a milestone not only for SAAB, but for the whole relationship between corporations and consumers. In August I bloged the following: Make Steven Wade a part of SAAB top management team. Now the dream is becoming real:

Wade gained worldwide recognition as founder and editor-in-chief of the website SaabsUnited. Through his website, Wade played a pivotal role in rallying support around the globe for the Saab brand during negotiations for its sale by General Motors. In reaching out to Saab enthusiasts in this unique way, Wade gained invaluable insights in how to communicate with customers through social media, something that Saab Automobile will leverage to the fullest extent with Steven on the team.

Finally they now have the opportunity to build not only cars in world-class but also a tribe that is connected to their brand from the inside (checkout: I hope they will not only use Steven Wade for marketing but also for building both the cars and the corporate DNA from ground zero! Or else they will risk that the whole fan-tribe movement might become a false lipstick (a risk but I think Steve’s passion for the brand will spread on the inside in more fields than marketing).

In December I bloged about a new SAAB car model in the price-range of 50.000 Euro, it did engage a lot of discussion in the SAAB community if that was possible or not. It all started to spread with the legendary SAAB blog who wrote about the idea (every car buyer would be part owner of the brand):

The idea has some genuine merit

Now they are introducing a SAAB model in that price range.
To Steven Wade, congratulation for living your dream!!!!

A lot of things that I blog about seems to be happening, so now I’m thinking of blogging about world peace.