Competition: Find a CEO with a company tattoo and win ONE for your self!

Published by on maj 18, 2006 at 8:57 f m

I have been holding lectures around the world and always asked: When did you last meet a CEO with a company tattoo? Never have I seen a tattoo on a CEO ore got good answers. If the fans of a brand can wear a logo tattoo, shouldn’t business be tuned into this PASSION? So therefore I would like to have your help to find a real CEO that have their brand tattoo.
The best CEO tattoo will be the winner of my latest book ONE and maybe if it is really good I can pay for your ONE tattoo to…
And if Steve Jobs would like a tattoo an Apple, I will pay for it anytime (you have my contact info Steve…).

Post your motivation on this blog and if you like send me an email here (including your postal information).