Coke spent $2.5 billion on advertising

Published by on november 3, 2005 at 9:10 f m

How much does their consumers spend on Coke? At least, billions of bottles. If Coke stop doing advertising as a monologue and involve their consumers they could get free advertising for more than $100 billions. But then they need to be more innovative and tap into the evolution of business consumer gives.
If Coke doesn’t move forward to the next level of their business, others will go forward: A person that has added a passionate red color to the corporate palette is Richard Branson of the Virgin Company. One of his endeavors is the creation of Virgin Drinks headed up by Virgin Cola. The shape of the bottle is modeled after Pamela Anderson who has better curves than Coke. Which contains more plastic is only a hypothetical question at best.
What else business does you think, stand still ore could move forward?

What is business evolution for you?