Coached by a SHARK?

Published by on april 19, 2021 at 10:51 f m

All organizations want to increase speed, some even hire a SHARK as a coach! 
Despite goals, visions and plans, most organizations do not pick up speed. Often the start is one to two attack workshops with Sharkonomics to get started. After that, many increase their sales by several million, with the help of the tools and inspiration that Sharkonomics offers. 
We have now been commissioned to coach employees globally to create a long-lasting effect. The demand for the shark as a coach is greatest in: sales, company management or where speed is needed most. 

Five coaching SHARK tips on how to speed up business: 
1. A bite gives more speed than a thousand words (action gives more results than just words). 
2. Denial does not lead forward (dive down and find out the reality). 
3. Evaluate your fastest way of learning. 
4. Attack the future (history is often a speed bump). 
5. A shark without focus never swims correctly and is not measured (with the right focus you create results). 

What are your best tip for speeding up business?