Climate change golden opportunities

Published by on november 26, 2008 at 1:00 e m

At a climate change seminar this week did the Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden Maud Olofsson open the day with a speech saying “Climate change golden opportunities” and ended it with tears in here eyes when thinking of what world we leave behind for here grandchildren. The evening did continue on with Madeleine Korbel Albrigh, former United States Secretary of State. Madeleine was quick and powerful and gave one of the best speeches I ever seen live. She is a tough lady, so tough that if here eye fell on a polar bear it would have turned into a teddy bear. The speech was full of one-liners like: “America can do better and we will do better.” “Success comes to does how adept early.”
In my interpretation she was saying: “Change is provided by choice.” Witch takes us back to the golden opportunities that climate changes provides. Vattenfall is see this opportunities and join mission with over 155.000 consumers (including me) have signed to fight for climate change (they got over 5 million consumer). Join Vattenfall mission by clicking here.

This commercial video is a nice way in showing how they like you to join in to make a difference. The day did ended with these mindfully words:

We need to agree on change direction, because business as usual will take us to hell.
CEO and President, Lars G Josefsson, Vattenfall