Check out The Future Talent Summit with Yuval Noah Harari!

Published by on juni 7, 2024 at 8:49 e m

Because I am as curious as a two-year-old kid and have interviewed many of the sharpest thinkers in their fields, I can’t wait for these two days, which will be centered around how AI will impact the future of society, business, education, and work. This summit features over 80 world-class speakers, including Yuval Noah Harari, Vivienne Ming, and Max Tegmark.

For me, Yuval Noah Harari is one of the sharpest thinkers of our time. He can talk about our most complex challenges and possibilities with such ease that everyone, from politicians to kindergarteners, can understand.

I think it’s great that Sweden is hosting this event and attracting big thinkers both on stage and in the audience, just like the Nobel Prize, which is also arranged in Stockholm. Check it out on June 18-19.