Bond killing Bond

Published by on november 9, 2008 at 6:03 e m

The new Bond movie is so bad that I thought that Bond would kill it self in the end of it, but al he did was killing the brand Bond. 10-15 persons were even walking out from the cinema! The movie has nothing to do with the culture of Bond movies; it’s missing its DNA (like charm and Q). Instead the movie is delivering total meaningless action, with a muscle dude as cram-full as a pit-bull playing Bond. The product placement was more ore less playing the lead rolls “Sony Bond”; witch always is no good because it is not the purpose (a two hour commercial is overkill – even when you kill Bond).
For years I have been saying that it is time for a female Bond movie. Angelina Jolie would I like to see as Bondi and after a success of female soap operas would not the financial part be a problem. Angelina is no pit-bull but she shore now how to train most of them to act better than the one in