Keynote Speaker at social media seminar

Published by on oktober 19, 2008 at 2:12 e m


This week I was Keynote Speaker for the Belgian Direct Marketing Association. The topic of the seminar The Revenge was: The Impact of Social Media on Direct Marketing. It was extremely well organized with good speakers and Belgians best bloggers involved in the seminar with online discussions. Like this blog post: “Si vous n’écoutez pas votre marché, votre marché ne vous fera plus confiance.” A lot of the discussions where about how marketing people can have control over their brands in a time when consumers are queens and kings over communications. In my opinion marketers never had any control over brands but now it is total clear that consumers rule. The question is how is the brand owners, the company’s ore the consumers? I do think it is both, but it is the relation ship be twin them that define the value of the brand.

The day was so full of good speakers and discussions that I have to get back to it later.