Are blog´s today’s version of Coliseum? That makes you the Gladiator!

Published by on juli 7, 2006 at 11:06 f m

Did watch the modern but classical movie Gladiator (2000), with an amazing performance of Russell Crowe. What really got me thinking what to compete today’s technology and blogs.
In the movie the emperor they use the gladiators to entertain the people of Rome. The emperor did actually use Buzz and storytelling to build his “word on the street” isn’t this the first version of corporate blogging? Does this make use bloggers a modern version of a gladiator? We do go out there and get be teen but we don’t have any stuntmen to do the trick like Russell Crowe.
What style of gladiator are you? The proactive, the negative ore the positive ONE that tries to change things?