Pimp up Infinite for 25 Euro

Published by on oktober 23, 2008 at 7:57 f m

A lot of brands are today creating their own media channel. A high prices car brand as Infinite are now building their brand by producing their own Infinite magazine that they call Adeyaka that also got an website connected to the message, on The magazine looks really good, like a design magazine, however the content is not as great as the layout. It is however a smart way to packed their brand into a position. In the magazine they compare them self with brands as AppleGoogle. I do understand their point, make a magazine in A3 and get other advertisers to pay parts of the cost of producing 200 pages of colors pages in luxury layout. Then to put a price on it and sell for 25 Euro and get consumers to pay for buying advertising is sort of the future. So fare so good, but wouldn’t it be better to do an car that have a personality and good looking that it would spread the world by being unique? Apple and Google are unique Infinite are not Infinite… so it puts money on making a brand around the car instead of being a brand that grows with the consumers. However they do a good job in finding potential consumers by spreading the magazine at hotels where the right consumers live (luxury design hotels etc). But still – SAAB is maybe not a extremely luxury car but it is unique (start key etc), so it connect with a consumers how feel for it and not only for the brand around the car, but even inside and outside the brand. That is how  an Infinite brand should become Infinite forever and only by pimp up the car for 25 Euro.