A new brand that would make IKEA grow outside IKEA stores

Published by on mars 19, 2006 at 9:00 e m

The Swedish brand IKEA is in my opinion a bigger brand than the country Sweden. When I travel around in the world more people know about IKEA than about Sweden. Sometimes it is more easy to say “you now Sweden the land where IKEA is from?” Then to explain where Sweden is. Today IKEA are the biggest exporter of Swedish food and in many ways also the Swedish culture. If IKEA should grow outside their “store box” they need to expand together with other stores.


What would Italy, Greek and China be without al the restaurant around in the world?ONE way to do this is to take the success recipe in to new brands. They could export more Swedish food and culture buy using the colors and serving traditional Swedish food with the brand SWEDISH (se an idea logo above). SWE is the country and DISH is the food. Maybe they could do this together with the government of Sweden (tourist could taste the country before they visit it and make a connection). It could include website like and others that serve a history connected to the exact meal that is served. Then I can say “You now the food SWEDISH that is Sweden.”
How would this make IKEA and Sweden to grow bigger than it is today? Is IKEA going “out of the box” and into new success in retail?

Update 28 Mars:
Strategic Name Development