4,5 million born to be a consumer

Published by on december 24, 2006 at 12:01 e m

Every child that is born in Siena is a consumer and part owner to the MPS Group. Consumer founded this bank in 1472 together with government that was not satisfied with the solutions companies at the time was offering the people in Siena.

If companies don’t need consumers, consumers don’t need companies (or their products and brands).

“In Italy the MPS Group consists of a network of over 1.800 branches, approximately 4,5 million clients and over 28,000 employees. Abroad, the MPS Group has branches and representative offices in the main financial locations in Europe and all over the world.” MPS Group (translation).

This is ONE of the oldest cases I now about and it is Siena one of the most beautiful cities I been in. Many of today’s bank are doing the same mistake as for 500 years ago, and they are facing the lost of consumers turning away to others. Why don’t they learn and why are they so conservative? Why don’t they let consumers be born inside their bank office?