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Yes Eric Schmidt will build Google City Downtown in Toronto

Published by on oktober 27, 2017

2006/2007 I started to blogg about my vision to build a city called Google Downtown.
2008 500 people laughed when I asked if Google could build a city? Then was in the audience at Sime Helsinki.
2009 I met Google’s Global CEO, Eric Schmidt he did not laugh. Eric, is a brilliant thinker.

Will Google, CEO, Eric Schmidt, build Google Downtown?, 2009

Google is building a city., 19 October 2017

Google’s plan to revolutionise cities…
The Observer, 22 October 2017

Google firm teams up with Toronto for North America’s ‘largest smart city’., 24 October 2017

2017 I will be the Keynote speaker in the same location as when I asked the question back in 2008.

Congratulations to Erik and his team! One day I hope to walk in the Google city (soon I hope).

Thanks to my sharp friend Ann-Marie Rosendahl for sending the links above.

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Check out Servant Leadership Summit – learn from 40 top speakers

Published by on oktober 20, 2017

Listen to legendary Ken Blanchard, Tony Robbins, Steve Piersanti, Liz Wiseman, Marshall Goldsmith etc.
Around 40 top speakers for free at (do not mis the book) videos at

Profits are the applause you get for taking care of your people.
Ken Blanchard

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‘Walk The Book’ at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Published by on oktober 13, 2017

I ‘Walk The Book’ at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Great people, great books in a perfect mix!

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It really helps to have the right people in the room

Published by on oktober 11, 2017

It really helps to have the right people in the room.
Matthew Watchorn, UK Ministry of Justice. Quote with permission from speech, 10 October 2017 Malmoe, Sweden.

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A creative workshop in the middle of the night for those who are awake in business!

Published by on oktober 9, 2017

A workshop for those who want to create the next Spotify and Skype while others are sleeping. Many are creative during the night and the world changes 24/7. Along with a business model evangelist from Ericsson and a Creative Futurist and shark diver, the business community will learn how to attack the future before breakfast.
Read more at (Swedish), English (Google translation).

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New book: Case theory in business and management

Published by on september 26, 2017

Legendary Professor Evert Gummesson is in his new book, reinventing case study research:

Setting out to dispel the argument that case study research lacks the science, theory, and therefore validity of other forms of research, Evert Gummesson combines many decades of experience as both a renowned scholar and a reflective practitioner to effectively bridge the divide between case theory and how it is applied in practice.

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Sharkonomics Keynote speech at Ramboll in Finland

Published by on september 22, 2017

Finland likes to swim fast! It’s an honor to hold this Keynote Speech:

How the IT-sharks like Google could take over the construction business.
Ramboll (read seminar program).

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 19 September 2017

Published by on september 19, 2017

1. Philip Kotler’s adventures in marketing (new book)

2. Smart and witty lecture with Dan Ariely about bugs in our moral code

3. Flow is expanding time

4. Do not miss Tendensdagen

5. Women in Marketing Awards goes Global

6. Sharkonomics at inspiration day at Microsoft

7. If we act robot, we may be automated out

8. Communication is all about programing a code of acceptance

9. Digitalisation is an iceberg – don’t be Titanic

10. Sharkonomics, has sold almost 10.000 copies in China

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Sharkonomics at inspiration day at Microsoft

Published by on september 14, 2017

I have the honor to Sharkonomics lecture and my topic is: What happens if we do not digitize? at Microsoft (HQ). Host for the day is the IT shark Innofactor (read full day program).

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Do not miss Tendensdagen

Published by on september 6, 2017

October 12th 2017 in Stockholm is great speakers as Merci Olsson on stage at Tendensdagen is one of Scandinavia’s most eminent marketing conferences.

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