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(video) Magical speech by Golriz Ghahraman

Published by on november 30, 2017

This speech is magical and shows talent and passion from New Zealand Green Party. Probably will the international world see here more in media because she got something magical over here way of reaching out to the audience.

Video, watch how the woman behind here in the audience reflect and show the emotions in every word Golriz deliver.

Spokesperson for Human Rights, Immigration, Global Affairs, Trade, Defence, Security and Intelligence, Corrections, Police, Overseas Development and Justice
Golriz Ghahraman MP

Thanks to my magical friend Jack Yan for sending me this speech. Ps if you get more politicians like this in New Zealand I will move over to New Zealand.

Lecturing Sharkonomics at Mace Speakers sales conference day

Published by on november 28, 2017

A day full of sales results and moments of sales inspiration, Mace Speakers sales conference day.
Great speakers: Elaine Eksvärd, Kelly Odell, Per Holknekt and Karin Klerfelt. My lecture: Swim faster in your sales with the help of Sharkonomics. There are still some tickets left for fast movers at

Organizer: Mace Speakers is one of Sweden’s first speakers bureaus and started in 1998. They offer speakers, artists, seminars and free conference booking service.

Open data is critical for an friendly city

Published by on november 24, 2017

Open data is critical for an friendly city.
Boyd Cohen, Quote from speech, 22 November 2017 Stockholm, Sweden.

A lucky red packet—Sharkonomics’ Chinese edition is out now

Published by on november 21, 2017

The first edition of Sharkonomics sold almost 10,000 copies in Simplified Chinese available in Mainland China. Now another edition in Complex Chinese that is available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau is out, with a bright red cover—which, of course, is lucky in China.

I hope that Chinese readers bite hard and fast on this edition, too.

There seems to be a great buzz about the book and topic. I have always been curious about China but I have yet to visit. I hope one day to hold lectures about Sharkonomics in China.

Update 7 November, 2018
Two Chinese press clips for Sharkonomics (biting into Apple and Ikea).

Update 1 Mars, 2019
Second edition of Complex Chinese Sharkonomics is out now.

Update 18 May, 2020
斯蒂芬·安吉瑟斯 Stefan Engeseth Keynote Speaker at the leading speaker agency in China / The China Speaker Bureau.

Google + Apple = Goople

Published by on november 18, 2017

Google + Apple = Goople

Are you ready to market clothes to robots?

Published by on november 14, 2017

Are you ready to market clothes to robots?
Aric Dromi, Quote with permission from speech, 13 November 2017 Stockholm, Sweden.

Kill history and kiss the future

Published by on november 10, 2017

Kill history and kiss the future.

Check out Future Customer Service & Contact Center 8-9 November

Published by on november 6, 2017

Two full-featured program with p. A Dr. Nicola J. Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT Global Services Innovation Team, Adam Hassan, CEO, Designit, Erica Lundin, Lead Centre of Exellence Aida, SEB participants and our Stefan Engeseth as moderator.

There are still some tickets left for fast movers at Insightevents.

Press clip: Now is not the time to be fat and happy

Published by on november 3, 2017

This week I was Keynote speaker at Ramboll in Finland. Great audience.

Below, press clip from my speech:

Now is not the time to be fat and happyrefering to IT-sharks as Google who are entering the building industry.

He warns that if the real estate and construction industry does not actually take over the domain of digitalisation, someone else will do it.

Many real estate owners are unknowingly managing a gold mine because real estate information can be processed into a highly lucrative business in the right hands.

Finnish construction magazine Talotekniikka-lehti by Minna Kärkkäinen (1/11/2017).


Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 30 October 2017

Published by on oktober 30, 2017

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4. Scientists will upgrade us into gods

5. Sharkonomics Keynote speech at Ramboll in Finland

6. Smart and witty lecture with Dan Ariely about bugs in our moral code

7. Sharkonomics, has sold almost 10.000 copies in China

8. Communication is all about programing a code of acceptance

9. Digitalisation is an iceberg – don’t be Titanic

10. Amazing and ground-breaking Q&A / lecture with Yuval Noah Harari

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