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Will Microsoft purchase Skype by using AngelList?

Published by on maj 10, 2011

Money talks at AngelList, a smart a community making fund-raising efficient. Will Microsoft use them when purchasing Skype? I guess Microsoft don’t need to make any fund-raising ore Crowdfunding. My opinion is that they should. Why? To learn how community culture works (purchasing a company is not the same as purchasing their community and followers).

Update 8 may:
Checkout The Next Web for more amore, regarding Skype.

Happy Coke Day

Published by on maj 8, 2011

Today is it the birthday of Coca Cola, it is an celebration of 125 year of success.

The prototype Coca-Cola recipe was formulated at the Eagle Drug and Chemical Company, a drugstore in Columbus, Georgia by John Pemberton.

Hope they will enjoy many more happy Coke day’s in the future.

Top 10 most popular posts – Updated 6 May 2011

Published by on maj 6, 2011

1. This is the thousand bloggpost on this blog
2. Congratulation SAAB for hiring your brand hero Steven Wade
3. A reality check at Stora Annonsörsdagen
4. A fashion flash-mob in supermarket
5. Nokia + Apple = Steve Jobs (new CEO at Nokia)
6. The AMV BBDO Police case was steeling the show at The Guldnyckeln Award
7. iPad + Boeing = Will make Apple iFly high
8. The fashion industry is provoking animal fanatics to desperate actions
9. The Google city is born (video)
10. From YouTube to YouPorn An latino flirty version of Facebook

Published by on maj 3, 2011

The bigger grow equal grows the a demand for local versions. How wants to use a mirror you don’t see yourself in? is in many ways a latino flirty version of Facebook. This demand is an opportunity for every culture to create their own Facebook version.

Find new friends or old friends atquepasa! Trying to find new friends or friends online? We have the best matches if you’re trying to find women or guys., one of the world’s largest, bicultural & bilingual Latino Social Networks on-line… users in the U.S., Mexico, Latin America and the world in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

While marketers may work Monday through Friday, Facebook is humming with activity 24-hours a day, seven days a week

Published by on april 29, 2011

While marketers may work Monday through Friday, Facebook is humming with activity 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
CEO Michael Lazerow, Buddy Media

This is the thousand bloggpost on this blog

Published by on april 21, 2011

When I started to blog 2005 I was extremely dyslectic. Now I am not so dyslectic anymore – thanks to those thousands blogpost that I have been writing and readers been reading (I do understand that it has been hard to read them sometimes, that is why I want to thank you for sticking to my dyslectic feeds).
This blog is not about spelling its more about the evolution of business. On my blog journey I have made friends all over the world. Also, its been a good education to study the collective brain capacity that the blogosphere offers.
There are a lot of people who have supported me over the years with their input, energy and advices (I will not mention your names here but you know who you are – a thousand thanks to you all).

Updates: Stefan Engeseth hits 1,000 posts on Detective Marketing blog. 1000 BLOG POSTS BY DETECTIVE MARKETING.

Why is not India producing any Superbrands?

Published by on april 16, 2011

Recently in India I give an interview for Department of Management Studies, NIT Trichy. Students are open minded and are looking for possibilities. In our discussion we focused on the future of India.

…what I don‟t understand is that why India is not producing any Superbrands and is exporting products outside India. I believe, may be Tata is going to build a brand which might be a Super brand in the future. Many factors are in favour of Tata: Knowledge, Size, shape etc. Now could be the right time for Tatas. Tata can become a window to the Indian culture. For instance Ikea from Sweden may export furniture, but they export Sweden more than the Swedish government. And I believe that Tata can do that for India.
Management magazine AbhiVyakti

It was a really pleasant to discus the future of India with the future. Looking forward to meet students of the AbhiVyakti team in the future.

Congratulation SAAB for hiring your brand hero Steven Wade

Published by on april 13, 2011

This is a milestone not only for SAAB, but for the whole relationship between corporations and consumers. In August I bloged the following: Make Steven Wade a part of SAAB top management team. Now the dream is becoming real:

Wade gained worldwide recognition as founder and editor-in-chief of the website SaabsUnited. Through his website, Wade played a pivotal role in rallying support around the globe for the Saab brand during negotiations for its sale by General Motors. In reaching out to Saab enthusiasts in this unique way, Wade gained invaluable insights in how to communicate with customers through social media, something that Saab Automobile will leverage to the fullest extent with Steven on the team.

Finally they now have the opportunity to build not only cars in world-class but also a tribe that is connected to their brand from the inside (checkout: I hope they will not only use Steven Wade for marketing but also for building both the cars and the corporate DNA from ground zero! Or else they will risk that the whole fan-tribe movement might become a false lipstick (a risk but I think Steve’s passion for the brand will spread on the inside in more fields than marketing).

In December I bloged about a new SAAB car model in the price-range of 50.000 Euro, it did engage a lot of discussion in the SAAB community if that was possible or not. It all started to spread with the legendary SAAB blog who wrote about the idea (every car buyer would be part owner of the brand):

The idea has some genuine merit

Now they are introducing a SAAB model in that price range.
To Steven Wade, congratulation for living your dream!!!!

A lot of things that I blog about seems to be happening, so now I’m thinking of blogging about world peace.

A reality check at Stora Annonsörsdagen

Published by on april 8, 2011

This week I attended a seminar called Stora Annonsörsdagen, arranged by the Association of Swedish Advertisers. This year many of the speakers were top managers, so for advertisers, it was a good reality check. Why? Because top management personalities are not impressed by advertising itself; they are rather measured by the end-result of advertising.

I think the best insight came from Swedbank’s CEO, Michael Wolf. To paraphrase part of his message, management and advertising must speak from the same source: the corporate culture.

My impression of Mr. Wolf’s message is that today’s employees and consumers are working in tandem via social media to steer companies, for better or for worse. Therefore, there is a demand for top management to be more transparent and join their employees and consumers to move the corporation forward. This effort would strengthen employee loyalty, and consumers would respond by purchasing and repurchasing their products or services. In other words, the free will and spirit of social media could be harnessed for the proverbial win-win-win. The three groups must join as one to make sense of this new paradigm shift in advertising.

In an exclusive interview after his speech, Mr. Wolf praised the Internet for its transparency and explained how it has impacted their business. I think he would be a great leader for companies like Apple or Nokia. Since he joined the company in 2008, Swedbank has started to focus on the future by blogging internally with employees to open up dialogue and improve their operations. It has been an excellent way of strengthening the corporation’s culture, which has increased performance and loyalty. He also added that social media is a great tool to hone messages during changes in the company.

I would like to credit Stora Annonsörsdagen for raising advertising up to top management. Even though Mr. Wolf does not believe that a consultant belongs in their boardroom, he may open the door for a few customers. He may even offer them a seat in the future.

A fashion flash-mob in supermarket

Published by on april 3, 2011

The fashion industry need to go out of it’s ‘fashion box’ and reach new costumers. This example from New Zeeland is excellent:

The New Zealand fashion label took over the Victoria Park, Auckland branch of New World supermarket, with its models walking down each of the 20 aisles over six minutes, treating the public to an unanticipated fashion show.
Jack Yan,

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