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Published by on juni 19, 2011

The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary that is more visual than Google (think this is an innovative showcase of what search, social media and The internet will become in the future – a way to connect the dots visual).

Visual Thesaurus, an interactive tool that allows you to discover the connections between words in a visually captivating display.

It is also a great tool for dyslectic users as my self.

Seven lectures on how to increase sales with Social media at Selldorado

Published by on juni 16, 2011

I had the honor to hold seven lectures for sales organizations in purpose to deliver understanding in how the new media landscape can improve profitability and customer satisfaction. Selldorado is one of the absolutely best networks that arrange seminars in Sweden!

Below is Selldorado’s presentation of my lectures:

Stefan’s lectures are about how social media can step up communication for your business both internally and externally, and give you an edge?

Stefan will focus on how you can give customers the power to work for your business. At a time when ownership and consumption has taken on new meanings, there will be other demands on how companies can become successful. Stefan says that it is a myth that there are companies that always produces the value for the company. Instead, customers have in many cases a decisive influence on value creation in both the product or service produced and what feelings they generate. What is perceived and then creates much value as customers? And what are customers willing to pay for? In this new world, some companies have been incredibly successful without putting a penny in traditional marketing. Stefan will talk about the following:

• In what ways that social media can affect your results?
• Put customers at the heart of your business.
• Integrate social media into your business plan?
• Gains, threats and trend factors with social media?
• Allow customers to provide energy and inspiration to the corporate culture.
• What opportunities are created when a customer dialogue goes from monologue to dialogue.
• What human driving forces lay behind the development of social media?
• How to find super talent within and outside the company.

The question is, how far is your business ready to go?

Video: Steve Jobs’ first nervous speech?

Published by on juni 13, 2011

Video: Steve Jobs’ first nervous speech?

Security expert: I thank God for Facebook

Published by on juni 10, 2011

I thank God for Facebook.
Security expert (who I had lunch with – it is not practical for a security expert to have their name revield).

Jerry Seinfeld spinned the Globe around

Published by on juni 7, 2011

This weekend legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld performed at the Globe arena in Stockholm. He is a world class artist and made the whole Globe spin around with his genius humor. It was the american sitcom Seinfeld (1989–1998) who made Jerry Seinfeld a legendary star in Sweden. Just as the sitcom his standup touches the audience by ‘mirroring’ life’s annoying moments that we can’t escape from – he turns them around in a genius way so that we enjoy them. In my opinion he performs ‘comedy therapy’ on the audience (laughter is the best health medicine on earth).
This evening the standup comedian Jerry was not bigger than the picture in this blogpost (Globe arena is huge). There is no question whether Jerry is a world class artist (and does not depend on body size). Sometimes he is too professional and it creates a distance, but he balances it elegantly by adding some local jokes about Sweden and IKEA. It is not what he was saying or how he was saying it, I think it is something magical over his persona. In someway is he signing a contract with the audience, saying: we are going to have a good time in 90 minutes and during that time saying nothing else than that life can be fun. One of his opening lines pointed out this feeling excellently:

Were out here to convince ourself, that our life doesn’t suck.
Jerry Seinfeld

Credit to the RAW Comedy Club how arrange this show.

Olympic Games in marketing

Published by on maj 30, 2011

Few people would win the Olympics Games in Marketing, David Magliano, is one of them. Recently, as the Director of Marketing for London, he won the Olympic Games for London in 2012. We met with David Magliano recently in Stockholm when he gave an excellent lecture at the Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with The London Speaker Bureau. Afterwards we got a few hours of unique dialogue with David about how to create winning marketing.
We have interpreted the lecture and our discussion to five things to practice on in order to win the Olympics Games in marketing:

1. Compensate bid weaknesses with extremely well-grounded strong arguments.
2. Change the rules to your advantage.
3. Make your offer relevant to current media subjects by adding “topicality” to your content.
4. Use your research to create a message that reflects and mirrors a solution that decision makers want to buy.
5. Offer people good stories – it’s the best way to get people to spread your message.

As the evening drew to its end, I asked one simple question: How would you build up the pitch to get Barack Obama re-elected? David responded quickly: Flattering question but such a question requires time to answer, I spent two years of research on identifying the 24 people who sat in the Olympic Committee and you ask me how I could convince 300 million people!

Today more people have a stronger relation with their iPhone than with their bank

Published by on maj 25, 2011

Today more people have a stronger relation with their iPhone than with their bank.
Director Business Development Jonas Lundin, SkandiaBanken

Exclusive interview: Petter Stordalen – Undisputed Champion of the Nordic hotel market and a self-made billionaire!

Published by on maj 21, 2011

Many people would probably have taken him for an extremely eccentric person with a talent for acting when on stage during Stockholm Media Week. And yes, he probably has both those qualities, but above all else, he beams with 100% passion for what he does, for people and for entrepreneurship!

For me, the event Stockholm Media Week has really exceeded all expectations by bringing one of the best entrepreneurs of the Nordics; Petter Stordalen. The Norwegian billionaire has built the leading hotel chain of the Nordics (Nordic Choice Hotels) from the ground and isn’t it always something interesting with a super entrepreneur and billionaire with “rock star” status who want to change the world?

Picture: To the left our Per Nilsson who interview Petter Stordalen.

What do you ask such an extraordinary person when you are lucky to have a one-to-one talk for 30 minutes?

For me, the answer was obvious; how does one become an exceptional entrepreneur? And what are his views on entrepreneurship and life as an entrepreneur?

Petter starts by explaining that it is absolutely essential that you are certain you want to become an entrepreneur, because it is a very hard thing to do with an enormous amount of hard work. You need the ability to not give up for anything and to drop the fear of failing.

We continue to talk about that it’s a pity that we not so often hear about the failures behind the success. Because, of course, it is a fact that all those who have succeeded also have failed at some point in life and that it is indeed that key lessons that took them to success. In Nordic Choice Hotels (owned by Petter through his company Home Invest), it is ok to fail and everyone is encouraged to make decisions. Petter says that you have to motivate those who try, and that the ones who fail and step up to try again are the ones to bet on. Those who simply won’t give up!

We get into talking about mental abilities. Many people have ideas but few actually carry them out. Few can take all the hard work it takes to achieve their dreams and carry out ideas. Petter talks a lot about making decisions and that it ultimately come down to having made more right decisions than wrong decisions. Again, the only way to know the difference is by having the courage to make decisions with the knowledge that you risk failing.

I asked Petter how important money has been for him as a motivation. I added that I’m more curious about how important it was for him early in life before he had plenty. “Money is just a tool” responds Petter. “It is just a tool to implement ideas and realize things”.

I recognize that view from other extremely successful entrepreneurs. They are striving for something more than just money, and they will never stop!

Speaking of stopping, Petter continues to share his view on success;

Success is something that you have had, and will have, not something you have. The moment you have it and become content you will lose it.

One must always strive for a goal and to be better, a better person. Petter now strives to change the world and the environment. He wants to leave behind a better world for his children. At Nordic Choice they are working hard to become environmentally friendly, serving completely organic breakfasts for one thing. Petter firmly believes that a modern company needs to make such values an essential that part of the company.

Until now I’ve gained more useful knowledge about the core of entrepreneurship than all the books I’ve read on the subject. But it is only now that I actually see one of Petter’s strongest features, his interest in people. He begins to ask me about what I do, about my entrepreneurial projects, what we do, if we have a great team, etc. He mentions how important it is that you work with good people and how important it has been when building his companies. For Nordic Choice today, he mention, it is not a problem if they have 10 people that is wrong for the culture, they be thinned out pretty quickly, but in a small team it is extremely important with the right combinations.

We are interrupted by a call that Petter has to take, with one of his CEOs, probably on one of the huge hotel projects he has going on in Sweden, Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. We wish each other good luck and I leave inspired by what this man has shared with me and what he has accomplished.

Nothing perfect, is perfect.

Published by on maj 18, 2011


Nothing perfect, is perfect.

Please take me home!

Published by on maj 13, 2011

Found this sweater laying on the ground in the stairwell, with a note on it saying: “Please take me home!”.

Mother nature need us to spread this innovative recycling idea! What could you place in your stairwell that somebody else could take home? A sweater, a partner or just a bicycle?

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