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Published by on november 12, 2009

The first day of the SIME conference felt like mentally jumping into a mixer. Everything got shake around and what you get out of it is based on the experience that got mixed up with new inspiration and great people.

SIME is like an teenager that grows really fast, but never forgets to have fun.

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Will the legendary SAS, CEO Jan Carlzon return?

Published by on november 11, 2009

Yesterday I was the moderator for a seminar in sustainable leadership (PDF in Swedish). Key note speaker was the legendary former SAS CEO Jan Carlzon. I think SAS needs him back more today than they need airplanes. Few leaders talk about dreams, love and passion. Too few leaders understand how emotions can change and improve both motivation and results for an organization.
Today SAS employees have stoped smiling and their good business results is history. We have too few leaders in Sweden at the level of Jan Carlzon. He can make an organization focus in order to deliver what is critical for their business performance. Today SAS seem to be without focus. That’s why I asked Jan if he will return as CEO for SAS? He smiled and responded quickly that a man in his age needs calmness.
What ever leadership SAS will headhunt and employ it will not have the experience of their former CEO. If they involve him in the big questions, like focusing their business on the right track it could be win for SAS and Jan would still be able to maintain balance and calmness.

The seminar was arranged by passionate people working with The Hunger Project (Hunger projektet). The audience were demanding inspiration to perform better business, I think they got more than that, they got emotions to fly leadership like SAS once did.

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Digital inspiration at the SIME conference

Published by on november 10, 2009

Don’t miss this weeks SIME conference hold in Stockholm. This year’s speakers are interesting and represent well known and upcoming brands. If you can’t come to Stockholm you can follow SIME on Twitter and their blog.

SIME is northern Europe’s largest conference about the Internet and digital opportunities with events in Copenhagen, Helsinki , Stockholm and now for the first time in Barcelona.  SIME brings together top executives, marketing professionals, aficionados and members of the press. SIME is about how digital opportunities can convert to new business, a better world and a lot of fun.

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From Twitter followers to leaders

Published by on november 9, 2009

I had mayor problems with getting Twitter to function since the beginning of october. I could not log on to my account or export my bloggpost to Twitter. Yesterday I started to blog about this and got a great responses from followers with suggestions and also like Delbius and Martin Lindeskog (thanks). Others users are explains that both Twitter and Facebook has mayor problems in responding on support questions. I got this this message in an email from Twitter support:

Twitter is a free service, and we can’t answer every email that we get. A small team of 7 people strive to answer thousands of requests each day. If your request is assigned to a Support person, it means that someone is working on your ticket. If it takes awhile to get a response, please be patient.
Twitter support

Yesterday they finally fix the problem. Strange that they not are using support to spread and build the Twitter fantribe? Well, they having a forum, but this not enough. Twitter got a great members, but they are to few. Instead of hiring more employes they could build an bigger fantribe that help them to fix problems, protect their brand and speedup innovation. This would make from Twitter followers to become their leaders.

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Testing if Twitter is alive

Published by on november 8, 2009

Testing if Twitter is alive

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Please wake up Twitter support!

Published by on november 8, 2009

I really don’t know what to do. Been asking Twitter support for help in weeks with no response ever. It is nice that they refers support to there forum, but I guess they cant help me with a new password. Is Twitter not about dialogue? My account is still alive at but I can not do anything and followers are signing up… not an good situation. Twitter is great when its working, but still if its free I except good service. So please wake up Twitter support!

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Why George Clooney’s Nespresso film will not work

Published by on november 7, 2009

Nespresso is innovating the coffee market. In this quite amazing viral commercial they are using actors as George Clooney. Their goal is to get consumers to involve their friends in spreading the world on Facebook. There is only a small problem with Nespresso innovating the coffee market, they forgot to put caffeine in the coffee. I can drink 10 gallons of their strongest coffee and still go directly to bed and fall a sleep. This is a mayor mistake. Why? People drink coffee to stay awake, the taste is only a part of the experience. So heres is my idea for Nespresso: Listen to consumers complains about this and then improve your product, then they will spread the word without George Clooney.

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Published by on november 5, 2009

Yesterday did entrepreneurs in Sweden take an world record in creating ideas. They are now giving al of there 1000 ideas for free at The person behind this great idea is the same as 365 project I did blog about before. Credit to the Swedish blogger Mattias Åkerberg, for taken part in this and spreading the word. Use Google translator to take part in this ideas and spread it around the world.

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From Hell to Heaven with beer brands

Published by on november 4, 2009

There is an Swedish beer named HELL produced by brewery: Jämtlands Bryggeri.
It is an enormous fun and creasy name. Cant stop thinking about an idea I got to name a new beer HEAVEN. It would be controversy and of course in religious part of the world. But it would be interring. How would the logo look like? How would it taste? Could it be done with respect for religion and be an ticket in for religion to take part in the Hell part of the market (read bars).

About the HELL beer: “Introduced in 1997 as a collaboration with Stockholm Beer Bars Akkurat and Oliver Twist. A München Helles lager brewed with American hops.”

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How to become number 1 at

Published by on november 1, 2009

Which do we choose? The answer is seen everyday in the subway.

Our survival instinct tells us to save energy, which is why most people take the escalator. Why? Our survival mechanisms in the brain makes us priority to save energy. The reason is simply our instinct tells us there could be an tiger waiting for us when we arrive at the next floor and then we need the energy to out run.

Watch this fun Youtube video “Piano stairs” that taps into our survival instinct so good that it is top ranked at virtual video chart. Today it has over 7 million views and are increasing with over 1 million views a week!

Our brains don’t want to think if they don’t have to. The brain already consumes 20% of the body’s energy and it doesn’t want to waste energy evaluating something new.
Martin Ingvar, Professor of Medicine and Cognitive Neurophysiology, Karolinska Hospital

More people would take in advertising if it helped them on the stairs of life. Volkswagen’s advertising is based on taking part of people’s lives by adding entertaining value. It is witty but still it’s based on people’s behavior. If more content on social media was based on our behavior it would spread faster. Check out al videos on I don’t think this videos will sell more cars today but it will give the Volkswagen brand an creative image so they can sell more and different cars in the future.

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