10 ideas to raise the economic bar

Published by on juni 19, 2009 at 8:19 f m

1. Build entire branded towns – P&G City, Google Downtown. Living your brand means living in your brand.
2. Pampers should sponsor sex to increase their market.
3. Put the Nobel Prize in your iPhone.
4. Give away as much as you can for free, especially entertainment. Use advertising to foot the bill.
5. Bring Google AdWords into the off-line world of real life – a simple idea that could increase Google’s sales by a factor of 99%.
6. Introduce Moon Wine! Imagine, the first-ever space buzz – a brand that is reborn every night.
7. Virgin Space Mall – space shopping that will build buzz in zero gravity. Helium-filled upside down shopping bags all over town would make every shopper a walking billboard.
8. Buildings as advertising monuments – build Goodyear in the shape of a tyre or a Whirlpool house shaped like a refrigerator where the entire front of the building swings open.
9. From top of mind to outer space. Markets are expanding from earth to space and onto new bodies of water created by global warming. It will be as profitable as selling life jackets on the Titanic when it was on its way down.
10. Today’s thieves are stealing cars with advertising. They put it on the back window and when the driver gets out to remove it, the car thief jumps in and drives away. Why not turn this scam into an event along the lines of the MTV show Punk’d and turn it into advertising for insurance.
11. Doing the right thing at the right time is good advertising (like reading this book in public spaces and smiling).

Above from Stefan Engeseth new book: The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising. When quoting the book cite the source: Building illustration by Joachim Nordwall, J.Nordwall Design.