Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 7 Mars 2017

Published by on mars 7, 2017

1. Digital sharks will attack: the eight-trillion-dollar construction industry

2. Cool #innovation: Solar panel windows

3. A Nobel Christmas

4. At first the Earth was totally flat, then round and now it’s completely upside down

5. Check out Chris Anderson’s book on how to give great TED Talks

6. What if smartphones got smarter when we move?

7. AppleCurrency with Steve Jobs on the coin

8. An idea that can increse US tourism with 30-50%

9. Take a walk in the Google City

10. Less is the new more

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Leaders should work at least one day each year in a kindergarden

Published by on mars 4, 2017

Leaders should work at least one day each year in a kindergarden.

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Could mighty McKinsey boost productivity with 50 to 60 percent in the construction business field?

Published by on mars 1, 2017

According to their report there is a lot to improve:

Examples of innovative firms and regions suggest that acting in seven areas simultaneously could boost productivity by 50 to 60 percent.
Report – McKinsey Global Institute: Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution, by Filipe Barbosa, Jonathan Woetzel, Jan Mischke, Maria Joao Ribeirinho, Mukund Sridhar, Matthew Parsons, Nick Bertram, and Stephanie Brown (February 2017).

I think the report has a lot of interesting points – but its weakness is that it is too focused on looking at the surface – to change a major business field that has been around for generations, you have to go below the surface and study more than numbers (culture of change etc). I would recommend even mighty McKinsey to take a bite at this article in Business Insider: Swedish expert reveals how Google and Microsoft are about to pounce on this huge traditional industry.

Thanks to Aarni Heiskanen.

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Press clip: Microsoft, IBM and Google attacking the housing construction segment

Published by on februari 27, 2017

Microsoft, IBM and Google attacking the housing construction segment (pdf).
Finnish construction magazine Locus by Pekka Virolainen (1/2017).

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Check out Chris Anderson’s book on how to give great TED Talks

Published by on februari 23, 2017

I have been holding lectures since 1996 and I´m still considering me a student (there is so much to learn). Who´s better to teach than the TED curator Chris Anderson? Chris is now sharing the best advices he´s got from the best speakers he´s ever meet in his new book: TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking.

There’s no single formula for a great talk, but there is a secret ingredient that all the best ones have in common. TED curator Chris Anderson shares this secret — along with four ways to make it work for you. Do you have what it takes to share an idea worth spreading? (video)

Chris Anderson has worked behind the scenes with all the TED speakers who have inspired us the most, and here he shares insights from such favorites as Sir Ken Robinson, Amy Cuddy, Elizabeth Gilbert, Salman Khan, Dan Gilbert, Monica Lewinsky, and dozens more everything from how to craft your talk s content to how you can be most effective on stage.

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You don’t close deals. You open relationships!

Published by on februari 14, 2017

You don’t close deals. You open relationships!
Author Stefan Larsson, quote from his book: Procedural selling

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What you feel is what you get

Published by on februari 4, 2017

What you feel is what you get.

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Cisco’s digital ceiling – great innovation, bad video

Published by on februari 2, 2017

Cisco’s digital ceiling – great innovation, bad video.

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The construction industry is hunted by hungry IT-sharks

Published by on januari 31, 2017

The construction industry is hunted by hungry IT-sharks.
Article by Chief editor Susanne Bengtsson, chief editor at Construction World/Byggvärlden

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A Nobel Christmas

Published by on december 23, 2016

Everyone has an opinion about the building plans for the Nobel Centre. We’ve a more concrete architectural proposal to wish you all a Nobel Christmas: build the Nobel Centre in the form of the Nobel Prize medal.

Millions will take selfies and send to them friends all over the world to show that they ”received” the Nobel Prize. A part of the structure can be built over water which visitors must go in order to see the whole building. Whatever its location—on the water, or in the water—Santa Claus will like our medal.

The Nobel banquet can be held outside on a glass bridge, with a transparent floor, ceiling and walls so that people attend the party from anywhere around the dock. Walking on water is not so difficult with modern technology, strengthening Stockholm’s image as a city by the water. Visitors and media will all talk about the experience. To boost the feeling, a stage can be placed under the floor and underwater, where many dancers can perform. When the crowd is doing the wave around the waters on social media, even the Swedish King can smile as he stands on the glass bridge.

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