1200 hungry in audience at Oslo Big Data Day!

Published by on mars 21, 2019

I lecturing on Sharkonomics this week in Oslo, I pointed out that digitalization makes competition grow. Digitalization increases disruption and change in practically every business field.

My lecture did swim well on Linkedin.
Thanks to the organizer of Oslo Big Data Day for great inspiration.
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From E-Commerce to Word-Commerce

Published by on mars 18, 2019

In the “cash-free society”, cash is exchanged for “words” when money comes and goes, yet the “words” remain.

Twice recently, I traveled to the US and stumbled upon a valuable trend. With digitalization, cash disappears, and instead, the transactions are based on the credibility of the individuals; they give their word.
Expressions such as “I promise” and “certify” are utilized to give your word. People exchange values with each others and utilize various products / services based on words.
Depending on the words a customer employs, one may receive varying prices when shopping.
For example, there are cafes who charge lower prices on their coffee, if you order it politely.
In NY, I was not charged for a meal at the “SweetGreen Restaurant”, after taking part in a great conversation with the staff.

“Word-commerce” is becoming digitized.
Beneath the surface, there are tremendous technological developments within digitalization, to replace keyboards, and screens, for sound-based interaction, such as Alexa.
When we link the words to pure transactions, “E-Commerce” will be renamed “Word-Commerce”.
Consequently, your voice, and the right choice of words, can be used as payment when you shop online, and offline.

How can you increase your success with this valuable trend?

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Powered by millions of fans on social media are Gymshark, swimming fast and powerful

Published by on mars 15, 2019

Back in 2012, teenager Ben Francis, and a group of his high-school friends, started Gymshark. Today they are a fitness apparel and accessories brand.
They are based in the United Kingdom, swimming globally, supported by millions of highly engaged social media followers, and customers in 131 countries.

Before there is an action, there is an idea.

Small or large sharks have incredible potential, if they put their ideas into action.
You can move with the power of million fans, if you find the wave and steam to follow up into the surface to attack.

If Sharkonomics was read in a gym, it would be cool if readers were dressed in Gymshark.

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Video: How to move the audience at Oslo Big Data Day to new feeding grounds such as AI, smart cites etc.

Published by on mars 13, 2019

Video: How to move the audience at Oslo Big Data Day to new feeding grounds such as AI, smart cites etc.

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Innovation: A drone lands at a Tesla car driving at high speed to charge it?

Published by on mars 11, 2019

Tesla is amazing in innovation, but when will we see a drone land on the car so it never ever needs to stop? (No need to rest when its a self driving car) Or what about super small drones that land on your mobile phones to charge it? In both cases it will replace the need for today’s charge stations. When it happens we will simply say – do you remember the days when we used to stand still and charge cars and mobiles?

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Today is a prototype for tomorrow

Published by on mars 7, 2019

Today is a prototype for tomorrow.
Leon Segal PhD, Founder, Innovationship

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 5 Mars 2019

Published by on mars 5, 2019

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6. Smile and read Guy Kawasaki’s new book: “Wise Guy”

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9. Second edition of Complex Chinese Sharkonomics is out now

10. A shark on stage at Oslo Big Data Day with Sharkonomics

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A shark on stage at Oslo Big Data Day with Sharkonomics

Published by on mars 4, 2019

Its an honor and a pleasure to be one of the speakers at the Oslo Big Data Day in Norway.
Of the 1000 seats available, over 850 people signed up. It will be great to bite into the future of tech with Sharkonomics, in front of a hungry audience of 1000 people. The seminar will be packed with good speakers and hungry entrepreneurs (and change makers).

Oslo Big Data Day (OBDD) is the largest of its kind… Big Data conference in Oslo, Norway. The event features the most vibrant gathering of data and technology enthusiasts in Norway.

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Second edition of Complex Chinese Sharkonomics is out now

Published by on mars 1, 2019

It is great to see how well Sharkonomics is swimming in Asia.
The second edition of Complex Chinese Sharkonomics is already out.

In my opinion the cover design a sweet mix between Asia and Scandinavia, what do you think?

Take a bite of this edition in the bookstore:

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Smile and read Guy Kawasaki’s new book: “Wise Guy”

Published by on februari 27, 2019

It is an honor to be asked to review, ahead of its release, a new book.
Especially if you admire the author, as I do Guy Kawasaki.
He is not the typical business author.
What I primarily appreciate about this publication, and his persona, is that Mr Kawasaki doesn’t attempt to be perfect.
Instead he shares many of his sizable faux pas (such as saying “no” to jobs which would have quite possibly made him enormously wealthy).
Well…Guy IS enormously wealthy…IN LIFE!…which is what he so excellently shares in his new book “Wise Guy” (a recommended read for those searching to enrich their “life’s journey”)

In short, do not make a mistake by NOT reading this book (instead make OTHER mistakes!)

As Guy writes: I hope my stories help you live a more joyous, productive, and meaningful life. If Wise Guy succeeds at this, then that’s the best story of all.

In my opinion, this book will make you smile – a mindset which perhaps might inspire you to say “yes” and “no” to life’s opportunities in the same manner Guy Kawasaki shares his “life journey”.

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