A shark on stage at Oslo Big Data Day with Sharkonomics

Published by on mars 4, 2019

Its an honor and a pleasure to be one of the speakers at the Oslo Big Data Day in Norway.
Of the 1000 seats available, over 850 people signed up. It will be great to bite into the future of tech with Sharkonomics, in front of a hungry audience of 1000 people. The seminar will be packed with good speakers and hungry entrepreneurs (and change makers).

Oslo Big Data Day (OBDD) is the largest of its kind… Big Data conference in Oslo, Norway. The event features the most vibrant gathering of data and technology enthusiasts in Norway.

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Second edition of Complex Chinese Sharkonomics is out now

Published by on mars 1, 2019

It is great to see how well Sharkonomics is swimming in Asia.
The second edition of Complex Chinese Sharkonomics is already out.

In my opinion the cover design a sweet mix between Asia and Scandinavia, what do you think?

Take a bite of this edition in the bookstore:

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Smile and read Guy Kawasaki’s new book: “Wise Guy”

Published by on februari 27, 2019

It is an honor to be asked to review, ahead of its release, a new book.
Especially if you admire the author, as I do Guy Kawasaki.
He is not the typical business author.
What I primarily appreciate about this publication, and his persona, is that Mr Kawasaki doesn’t attempt to be perfect.
Instead he shares many of his sizable faux pas (such as saying “no” to jobs which would have quite possibly made him enormously wealthy).
Well…Guy IS enormously wealthy…IN LIFE!…which is what he so excellently shares in his new book “Wise Guy” (a recommended read for those searching to enrich their “life’s journey”)

In short, do not make a mistake by NOT reading this book (instead make OTHER mistakes!)

As Guy writes: I hope my stories help you live a more joyous, productive, and meaningful life. If Wise Guy succeeds at this, then that’s the best story of all.

In my opinion, this book will make you smile – a mindset which perhaps might inspire you to say “yes” and “no” to life’s opportunities in the same manner Guy Kawasaki shares his “life journey”.

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Don’t deny change, it will come

Published by on februari 20, 2019

Don’t deny change, it will come.

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Shark tank + Sharkonomics = on stage at The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York

Published by on februari 11, 2019

Its an honor and a pleasure to be one of the speakers at the Shark Tank event 12 feb at The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York.
Over 190 people will attend, bite into the topics, and pitch their ideas in the Shark Tank – it will crowded with Finnish, Swedish and American business people.

Setting the tone is Sudhir Venkatesh from Columbia University, who will share insights on best-practices from years working at Facebook and Twitter, when being tasked with building the world’s greatest team – literally.
And now, we’re excited to also welcome Stefan Engeseth, author of Sharkonomics:
Entering the American market can be a daunting task and to survive, some say, companies need to behave like sharks – if you don’t keep moving, you’ll drown.
The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (checkout there website – it rocks).

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Celebrating 20 years at ™️

Published by on februari 5, 2019™️ all started back in 1999 – now 20 years later it feels like magic.

I’ve learned so much over the years.

If I were to thank all of the people involved with its journey, and development, this blogpost would be longer than my four books.

A special thanks goes out to my longtime colleagues and partners Zozan, Mats, Per and Ulf.

A thank you is also extended to the various publishers, speaking agencies, clients etc.

Most of all, I’d like to thank you…for sharing life… this blog…and your time.

The Future looks bright.

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Authentic trend from New York

Published by on februari 1, 2019

After a marathon of fake news, authenticity is now being demanded. Companies like Apple strengthen its communication with this trend of authenticity.

Having just returned from New York, I witnessed a real trend. In the past, many wanted to embellish reality, but today they want to highlight and praise its credibility.
A marathon of fake news has created a strong desire for the opposite.
A good example is Apple’s store in Williamsburg, NY. When Apple took over an old brick house, it was renovated back to its structural origin. They became a local heroes and part of something larger than just themselves.
This trend from NY can benefit many companies if they pack their core values and translate them into dollars. They can then, just like Apple, build their value, brick by brick.
Storytelling is not just about telling a story, its about creating genuine and authentic values.
How can you increase your success with this authentic trend?

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Millennials will adopt to workspace as popcorn

Published by on januari 30, 2019

Millennials will adopt to workspace as popcorn.
My interpretation of the PlaceTech Trend Talk Nordics seminar.

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 28 January 2019

Published by on januari 28, 2019

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Doing good – is not bad

Published by on januari 16, 2019

Doing good – is not bad.

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