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Sharks in Stockholm (hometown of #Sharkonomics)

Published by on juni 29, 2015


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The benefit of living on the entrepreneurial roller coaster is that you are living in the moment

Published by on juni 26, 2015

The benefit of living on the entrepreneurial roller coaster is that you are living in the moment.
Therése Gedda, quote from Linkedin article The startup life – how 3 unexpected lessons influence you.

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iCEO: How managers can be replaced by software

Published by on juni 23, 2015

An interesting article in HBR offers a disruptive thinking for managers, by replacing them with an software.
Computers are today more creative than we can imagine, what I find specially interesting in this article is what would happen if management is done without any emotions.
Why? iCEO can make decision without being to emotional about it, a computer will do it ice cold as an ATM machine.

iCEO: How managers can be replaced by software
Article in Harvard Business Review by Research Director Devin Fidler, The Institute for the Future

How will this change an organization? Is todays corporation only a software to be updated or replace by what the future has to offer?

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Alpha female vs Brand positioning

Published by on juni 19, 2015

Many brands specifically want to address women with their products and services. They could be more successful if they focused on the trend setting women in the given market segment where they want to position themselves. And this needs to be done with a deep understanding of the values and needs of that particular target group.

The great thing about being with an Alpha is that you won’t feel tied down because she doesn’t need you, she wants you.

Thanks to my alpha female friend Pam.

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Teaching top managers humility – by putting them in shark cages

Published by on juni 16, 2015

Teaching top managers humility – by putting them in shark cages.
Article in Veckans Affärer / Weekly Business Magazine by Karl-Johan Byttner.

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Music video about blogger by Lily Allen

Published by on juni 13, 2015

Watch this music video about blogger by Lily Allen.

Credit to Michelle Higgins article: Five Minutes With: Lily Allen,

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British design in tree tents are living there brand on the highest level

Published by on juni 9, 2015

Nature is not a trend, but to leave the digital world and go to the offline world is an upcoming trend.

Tentsile is a UK company that knows how to connect there brand with nature:

We have invented these tree tents because we love this planet and hope that we will inspire others to also apreciate the Earth.
Perhaps one day when enough people discover this new possibility to spend time in nature in comfort and security, people will come to spend more time out there and value trees more.
Perhaps this way, by being there, among the trees, we can reduce the rate of deforestation to a point where the growth of new trees is faster than the rate of logging.
• We plant 3 trees for every tent that we sell.
• Because the World is not flat.

Like there design, which it was around when I did clime into the tree on the picture above.

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 8 June 2015

Published by on juni 8, 2015

1. Video: #Tesla #Powerwall will drive change by Elon Musk legendary speech
2. 600 car dealers in standing ovation
3. @richardbranson: The most dangerous animal in the world
4. Apple Watch: Rethink every interaction, every animation, every function
5. Virgin Cruises attack cruise lines business
6. AppleCurrency with Steve Jobs on the coin
7. Press release: Ikea will move into fashion next, predicts Swedish author Stefan Engeseth
8. Strong video on tech future: Humans Need Not Apply
9. Plastic grass is the photoshop version of the offline world
10. Sharkonomics blind spots model on the office wall at Silvent

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@richardbranson: The most dangerous animal in the world

Published by on juni 5, 2015

Sir Richard Branson: The most dangerous animal in the world. This picture belongs to Richard’s blog, I only share it for the purpose to save sharks.

Thanks to Jörgen Wahl.

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Change cost change

Published by on juni 3, 2015

Change cost change.

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