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Check out: Women Investing In Women

Published by on april 29, 2015

This is an interesting movement inspiring entrepreneurship by women for women, globally:

Founded in 2011 by Ms. Anu Bhardwaj, is a branded coalition and social movement of passionate individuals, around the globe –UNITED, for creating broader access to capital and supporting economic empowerment for women and girls. We accomplish this through public-private partnerships, education and information sharing through social media, and collaborations to promote financial literacy.

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Do not miss Wireds David Rowan at Gulltaggen

Published by on april 27, 2015

Gulltaggen is one of the sharpest seminars in Scandinaiva. This year they have David Rowan from Wired Magazine.

David has interviewed influencers ranging from to James Murdoch, Zaha Hadid to David Cameron. He has keynoted on technology, business and innovation themes from Melbourne to Monaco, and has chaired and moderated high-profile events for the UK and French governments, for Google Zeitgeist and TED Global, and for international banks and Fortune 100 businesses.
David Rowan, Wired Magazine

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Don’t drive change management in an Hummer

Published by on april 24, 2015


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Is marketing technology really worth the investment?

Published by on april 22, 2015

Is marketing technology really worth the investment?
CEO Jodie Sangster, ADMA. Topic quote from seminar Techmix, 15 may in Sydney.

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Zozan Bozarslan new COO at Detective Marketing

Published by on april 20, 2015

Zozan has long experience from various industries with broad expertise in entrepreneurship, communication, social media, PR, marketing, project management, education, law. Implemented international projects. Speaks fluent Doers and seven other languages.

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@SeinaboSey: More talent than music can say

Published by on april 19, 2015


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Headhunting in cold water is an artwork

Published by on april 17, 2015


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Sharkonomics blind spots model on the office wall at Silvent

Published by on april 15, 2015

Sharkonomics blind spots model on the office wall at Silvent – this will make them swim with focus, get ready for their attack and take a good bite out of the competition.

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Green Apple solution

Published by on april 13, 2015


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Check out book: Not Knowing

Published by on april 10, 2015

Not Knowing: The Art of Turning Uncertainty into Possibility.
Authors Steven D’Souza & Diana Renner

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