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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 28 April 2014

Published by on april 28, 2014

1. Lifespan of humanbeings is going up. Lifespan of corporations is going down
2. Magic obsession with National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen
3. In five years time can more animal species attend in board meetings
4. No 1 rule for luck = avoid unluck
5. 6 Ways Apple Becomes Prey for Sharks
6. Call to action: Find my viral idol
7. Why woman can rule Internet
8. The evil pupose in bad leadership
9. Defend your market
10. LinkedIn: For seriously old people!

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In five years time can more animal species attend in board meetings

Published by on april 23, 2014

Science are pointing out that in five years time we will figure out how to have a meaningful dialogue with dolphins. That could increase the IQ level a lot in most board meetings.

If science involved hackers into understand the dolphin language in an open source format it could take less than 1-2 years (in my opinion).

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No 1 rule for luck = avoid unluck

Published by on april 14, 2014

No 1 rule for luck = avoid unluck.

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Call to action: Find my viral idol

Published by on april 10, 2014

I did take this photo with my mobile. Now its gone total viral with thousands of people sharing it because its now published in Sweden´s biggest newspaper DN.

Sms-nöden har ingen lag?
Article by Ulrika By at

Google translation of the article (really witty written by reporter Ulrika). Call to action: Please help me find my viral idol – love to interview the magic person how recharges his mobile in this fantastic way).

Background: In the Stockholm Subway Station “Slussen”, a man is climbing onto the Photo Booth to recharge his mobile phone – a quite understandable behavioral somersault captured by my mobile camera.

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Sharkonomics jumping high at MiS in Stockholm

Published by on april 7, 2014

On Friday I will hold a Sharkonomics lecture in Stockholm 11 April at MiS (The Marketing Association in Stockholm).
The lecture is sponsored by Smurfit Kappa Onwell.

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Magic obsession with National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen

Published by on april 2, 2014

Recently I attended a lecture with photographer Paul Nicklen at a National Geographic Live event. Paul was an excellent speaker, much better than most business keynote speakers.
I have always admired photographers living in harsh conditions close to wild animals to capture nature’s beauty. Mostly because they don’t seem to care about anything else than the results (their own safety is not as important as the perfect picture) but also because I myself would love to go through the same adventures. For Paul, this relationship with nature has developed into an obsession. In person he is as big as a Canadian hockey player but compared to an Grizzly Bear or an Polar Bear (or me?), he’s really not that big. In other words he has taken a lot of risks, but as Paul said, to work his magic on nature photos for the best magazine requires top notch quality. Or as the editors put it – “We don’t publish excuses”.

I had the pleasure the hangout with over 3.000 Polar Bears over the years.
Paul Nicklen, speech quote from National Geographic Live in Stockholm.

Saving Earth by killing time
One strong reason for his obsession is a higher mission to save nature. He explains that it is an honor to be one of the National Geographic photographers. His goal with his photos is to pull the reader into a reality beyond the glossy magazine by showing the true magic of nature. Readers normally just want to kill time but end up engaged in nature and Mother Earth’s challenges. By reading stories connected to his photos, we can learn how life in the arctic is totally dependent on ice. And it’s easy to understand how global warming issues are a real threat to animal survival in times like this.

When given the question from the audience on how to become an great photographer Paul’s answers: “Just enjoy the journey.”

Thanks to Communications Director Merci Olsson at National Geographic Europe for letting me share that journey.

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