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Tetra Pak is a company based on an idea that doesn’t work

Published by on maj 31, 2013

Tetra Pak is a company based on an idea that doesn’t work.
Sven Andren, Idea Management, Tetra Pak

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Biting into market insight at Tolpagorni

Published by on maj 29, 2013

Holding a lecture at Tolpagorni today for product managers. Interesting since Swedes are so innovative in history.
I love to here what they have to say about tomorrow today?

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Eurovision: We are ONE (book)

Published by on maj 24, 2013

Eurovision: We are ONE (book)

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From BtoC to BtoB into BtoG(EEK)

Published by on maj 20, 2013

Many tech companies are starting out in the BtoC (business to consumer) field and later on move on to BtoB (business to business). The transformation comes natural. The companies grow and focus their target groups according to their long-term market strategies.
There is however a danger here. Since it is always easier and safer to talk to people with your own background, they have a tendency to focus on high tech groups (“Geeks”). The geeks might be very sophisticated technology-wise, but they are a relatively small market segment. Thus, in my opinion, the tech companies often make moves in directions that turn out to be blind alleys for their brand and corporate development and expansion.

Let’s take an example: If Audi would move into BtoG, every Audi owner would know the German language and have the skills to start working as an engineer in the Audi factory.
Car manufacturers know that blind alleys are good for parking cars, not brands, and that geeks are the best in the world for inspiring and developing technology, but not as the only target group on the market.

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Is Coca-Cola tapping into the Detective Marketing flavor?

Published by on maj 13, 2013

I have to admit that Coca-Cola is a stronger brand than Detective Marketing, but now are they tapping into our graphic flavor (source: Resume).

PS We love humble flavors.

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Cannibalism in the the shark and business world

Published by on maj 7, 2013

Even before sharks are born they have to compete to survive. Some shark species can have as many as 25 babies. To survive, these sharks have to cannibalize their babies and as a consequence only one of the 25 survive.9 Modern science has revealed that predators often practice cannibalism for practical reasons. Their own species is easy to find and have the nutrition they require.

Cannibalism is also common in the business world. In a market that has reached saturation point, one company will be bought up by another competing one and will be called a merger. Oracle swallowing up MYSQL is a form of survival in the competitive marketplace.

The nutrition you need the most can be best be found in the same spices.
– Professor Volker Rudolf, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Rice University.

Above from the Sharkonomics book.

Listen the story: Sibling Rivalry Spurs Sand Tiger Shark Embryos To Eat Each Other (thanks to Roland Williams).

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Vikings on fire?

Published by on maj 3, 2013

Referring to the mass media are Silicon Vikings asking an interesting question: Are the Nordics so hot the region is basically on fire?

The Nordics and its awesomeness in the innovation and startup space have recently led to several articles in US media.
Silicon Vikings

Personally I think not only are the Nordics on fire, but also Silicon Vikings.

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