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242 free books on Social Media

Published by on februari 26, 2011

Social media is global knoledge – diffrent langues and culture can speed up the evolution of social media. It is an hounor to be on list of 242 free books on Social Media.

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Published by on februari 21, 2011

This week I held a guest lecture at NIT (India’s version of MIT). Previous guest lectures at Pragyan seminar: Prof. Noam Chomsky MIT. Founder Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia and Nobel Price winners. In other words it was an honor to be a part of this rich history of guest lectures.
In the invitation they wrote the following about me: “Come to Pragyan ‘11 to see this Genius at work!!” This is more than what a humble Swede is used to. They also wrote this kind praise:

His blog is one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking blogs offering witty comments and sharp analysis of current global phenomena. His understanding of the modern consumer market is unparalleled and his thoughts on improving brand-consumer relationships are revolutionary to say the least.

How did it go?
Not up to me to say, but the response was fantastic, the students of NIT are one of the best audience I ever had. Pragyan seminars are arranged by the students with a passion that exceeds any student arranged seminar I have ever seen. I believe that these passionate NIT students will end up working at corporations such as Google, Microsoft and Apple. Why? Because they are genius and I feel honored and humble to have met the future of the technology elite.

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Homstupido or Homogenius?

Published by on februari 18, 2011

For years I have been thinking about one question: are we homosapiens; Homstupido or Homogenius?

We homosapiens think we are so smart. But practically we are living on an small floating and melting ice piece in the Universum. More, we are melting the iceberg by creating climate changes – Homostupido!

At the same time we homosapiens have the potential to be really smart when we are working togheter. One of the best effects with social media is that it makes us collective smarter. Collective thinking can help us becoming Homogeniuses.

Since I am one homosapien I think the answer to my question needs a collective answer.

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The Egypt revolution 2.0 vs The French revolution

Published by on februari 15, 2011

In the French revolution the guillotine became a symbol for the revolution. Today Egypt has been called revolution 2.0 and the symbol of the revolution is Facebook.
The inventor of the guillotine ended up in his own guillotine, apparently his invention was too successful…

That is not what I hope will happen to Mark Zuckerberg who is the inventor of Facebook. But some says that the movie The Social Network is even worse than ending up in an guillotine.

There is an interesting connection between the guillotine and Facebook, one of them disconnected faces/heads and the other one connected them but both were successful in getting the revolution through (its all about faces/heads).

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Leftovers at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Published by on februari 11, 2011

Did yesterday go to Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Do not think it was so creative this year becouse:
1. To many furniture is not original it is more copy’s of design.
2. Designers adapting to mother nature on the surface does not make sense (green washing is not more green becouse it only looks sustainable).

Did like the simplicity and provocative solution of design by Leftovers:

It could be your mother, the carpenter or the gardener. Perhaps an ex-lover ore a child. We are sourronded by them… People’s Leftovers are made entirely from pre-loved, re-claimed garments and fabrics.
Design by Leftovers

When green design is becoming a hype it is extra supberb to see designers as Sergej Gerasimenko how stick to his passion for cardboard furniture (looks and feels great).

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Published by on februari 9, 2011

Thinking is believing some say. I believe action is more than believing.

One difference between just believing in the future and action is in my interpretation that the ones who take positive action are already members of the future. I had a meeting with Katarina Chowra one of the founders behind the vision of Economic Shift. She is full of positive energy. A lot of people would say she is naïve to start a movement to change the world, I think it is those naïve people who can change the world.

There are a lot of positive things going on, mass collaboration, sharing of information and resources. Many things, especially on the Internet are for free. The world is moving towards transparency, more inclusive values, and an increasingly dynamic relationships between customers and producers. The economy is changing. The change is driven by many companies and people all over the world.

Are you a member of the future?

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Published by on februari 7, 2011

Small businesses owners have often big passion for business, but not much time to update and develop their business skills. BizSugar has the ambition to be the solution:

The BizSugar voting system incorporates the wisdom of the masses to funnel through the Internet fluff and provide you with the most useful ideas and news that affects your business. This allows entrepreneurs to spend more time enjoying their lives and less time reading.

Blogger Martin Lindeskog introduced me to this community and also posted: Sell tomorrow today (innovation idea for Google) on BizSugar.
Votes or no votes – it is free sugar for small businesses.

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Published by on februari 4, 2011

Walter is Facebook on two legs!

Offline and being local can be one of Facebook´s weaknesses. Walter is connecting people in real life and putting his personality into his new project (check it out), it is just starting but it will grow. I think this project is like a Facebook on two legs (online and offline walking in balance).

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WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Published by on februari 3, 2011

We did blog Why WikiLeaks will get the Nobel Prize and now it is happening: WikiLeak is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

It will change the world.

Thanks to master blogger Jack Yan.

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The dilemma of genius like Steve Jobs

Published by on februari 1, 2011

According to an interesting article in Newsweek the business world is full of bureaucratic executive clones. Few people have studies genius over time (most of the studies are after-reconstructions). It seems like the author of this article has done an excellent work in both meeting genius as Steve Jobs and analyzing his development and struggle to become the legend he is today.

It is surprisingly difficult being a genius in corporate America. Unbridled (mostly) capitalism makes it possible for a unique few to take an idea, turn it into a company—and, every once in a while, change the world.
Management Profesor Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld

Analyzing Steve Jobs must be like following a blind man who always find his way to success (I mean there was nothing for Steve Jobs to see when his genius started to build Apple Inc.).

Personally I believe that nature gives and takes – if you get more of one gift nature will balance it in other gifts (of course with some exceptions).

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