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Published by on maj 30, 2009

In an an discovery journey in how to build trusted Relationships has Thought Perfect in Singapore delelpt this six principles: Reciprocity. Liking. Credibility. Consistency. Consensus. Rarity.

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Published by on maj 28, 2009

On the World Business Summit on Climate Change where Al Gore giving one of his speeches that I recommend for does how intend to continue living on this planet.

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Outdoor gallery’ changes Stockholm

Published by on maj 26, 2009

John Higson is an serial entrepreneur that use to be an boxer. Now his fighting for thinks to change. Watch this YouTube video how shows his latest project 100 houses. John Higson is an changing so many things in Stockholm, that if I where the mayor of London I would pay him for moving to London (but that would be an big loss for Stockholm). By the way tomorrow is the premier of the movie about this project. Read more on

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Laura Pausini amore show

Published by on maj 23, 2009

Laura Pausini stolen our heart yesterday at here show in Stockholm. We did think it should only be an an concert. Instead it was nothing else but Laura Pausini amore show. It was an amazing concert that was going on for two hours but it felt like 20 minutes. Why? Because it was innovative and gave something total new, it was a movie, theater, music video an artist leaving the stage and walking around in the audience singing and talking like you see in an small cafe not in an out sold arena. Outside where five big trucks to carry al the tech stuff they where using. Me and my friend will eat Italian food for the rest of the week. Where ever you are in the world, if you like to see how an artist create amore fans in an concert, go to

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Sweden’s ’socialist nightmare’ on The Daily Show

Published by on maj 22, 2009

It is not total new, but it is total fun, check out ”Sweden’s ’socialist nightmare’ on The Daily Show.”

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Published by on maj 19, 2009

This advertising agency has an website that is amazing, check it out Why did not Apple do this? Apple fans will be fanatic about the details of this site.

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Published by on maj 17, 2009

The Eurovision song contest winner this year was Alexander Rybak how gave  Norway a day to remember. Congratulations Norway!

Turn up the volume and sing with Norway.

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Published by on maj 16, 2009

This week I attend at Professor, Tony Fang lecture: Chines new cultural revolution. Tony is from China and are living in Sweden. His lecture was full of historical points connected to emotional memories.

The changing China and the changing world are important sources 
of inspiration for theory re-building in world politics, economy, 
culture, management and society.
Tony Fang

Tony told us that over 30 millions Chines play piano. Why? ”The reasons why 30 million children in China play piano is because piano was considered an capitalist evil among other things during Mao’s Cultural Revolution when the entire China saw no piano! Today, piano is part of the new symbols in China’s New Cultural Revolution what we are witnessing today. David Fang would have no chance in China as 30 million children playing!” Tony Fang.

Turn up the volume and take a lock at this video, when David Fang (son to Tony) plays his solo.

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Story and casting into the corporate world

Published by on maj 14, 2009

A good movie is based on a good story. To become an success it needs to have good casting (the right actor in the right role). Todays corporations is  most of the time not based on a good and story. Then they don´t have the right person in right position. Its simple start with a good story, do an good casting and you end-up with an good movie ore an successful corporation.

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Published by on maj 12, 2009

Last week was the famous blogger Steve Rubel in Stockholm holding an lecture that I attended online at His blog, Micro Persuasion is focusing on how technologies are developing marketing communications. He is today working for the PR agency Edelman (there website does not look to “web hot”). Edelman does not hire Steve Rubel to look hot, they do hire him to know what’s the hottest way to rich out with content trough new technologies (social media, search etc).

Here some of Steve Rubel best points:
“People don’t read online, we scan online.”
“Social search is growing to grow. We will search on what our friends say about different product and services.”
“Give your advocates tools, to spread the message.”
“You got the rethink, everything.”
“Embrace the conversation don’t try to control it. Invite the dialogue into your website instead of ban it. The reason is simple that there is now way to stop it so its better to be a part of the dialogue and build relations.”

His lecture was full of good points. The value of his points is lays in how well they are connected (witch was the subject of Brian Solis lecture).

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