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Published by on februari 27, 2009

chamber.jpegHere is an new press clipp from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce magazine (it is in Swedish).

A really good article by Lena Lidberg. Read two pages here (PDF).

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Published by on februari 24, 2009

Isabella Löwengrip is a talented Swedish teenager. She bloggs about being a young girl and everything in her life. Her blog have more readers than many newspapers in Sweden. The blog has now become a brand and she has become a millionaire on blogging (that is well done). This sunday I held a lecture for the Swedish culture elite where I suggested that they create a whole theater act about Why? Did some ask afterwords and I replayed: Because Isabelle is an interesting phenomena, how could it happen and how could she become so enormous big as an blogger? What does it say about your time? And what will history say about it when we look back in the future?

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Published by on februari 23, 2009

Did hold an lecture yesterday for an young culture network, Afterwards I ask my self, why are culture attracting so many intellectual and talented people? Nothing wrong with that but at the same time I ask my self if the business world not are giving this talented people enough space as culture and art are offering them. The topic of this lecture, was smart marketing for culture. We where two speakers how got the smartest question on this earth (at least yesterday). I do have an background as a dancer so I think my lecture did make some sense. The other speaker did deliver really good points like this one:

People like to talk about what people talk about.
Tomas Bergkvist, Creative Director, Studio Total

In other words, that is why bloggers rule in the media landscape (media write about what bloggers blog about because this is what people talk about). Talk is cheap, use to be an expression – I don’t think it is cheap anymore – talk is big money (if you know how to make it spread).

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Published by on februari 20, 2009

After a long love story with Swedish online fans, start off in Sweden offline. Yesterday there were around 150 fans mingling in the TED Talks way in Stockholm. But this mingle was different from a normal  TED Talks mingle, it was so many talented musicians and artist mixed with professional dancers in the audience. All of this entertainment mixed with social media discussions – that the first step in Sweden was an evening to remember. Swedish bloggers had a long discussion if this is official or not (also in media), start of in Sweden. But whatever we call this evening, we will always remember it. Because of  the Quincy Jones of Sweden’s business life Roland William’s how made it happen.

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Published by on februari 17, 2009 is an amazing corporation, providing information that we demand. is doing the same but not in a legal way. What is intresting is the old industry is based on an money machine, that  more ore less are killing  the passion for culture  and art in as many ways it can. The pirate bay can by providing free music and films create talent to the old industry like never in our time before. But this david and goliat story is so classical that it will become an perfect movie (but not an copyrighted one). A lot of people are showing the pirate their support, by shopping pirate clothes. And a lot are showing Google their support by sharing information and  naming their kids Google. What if  Google  should get into the culture and art business? Would music then become free? Fore shore it would like Google be full of talent.

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Published by on februari 16, 2009 is by far, one of best places on earth to find great minds and now are they starting up here in Stockholm, Sweden on Thursday, February19.

TED brings together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED Talks began as a simple attempt to share ”ideas worth spreading,” with the goal of giving everyone on-demand access to the world’s most inspiring voices.

Click here to see the below invention in a bigger size.


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Published by on februari 14, 2009

In Singapore are the government serious about get their low fertility up to an higher level. To get people to meet they are sponsoring dating corporations and also are having their own government date site:

LoveByte’s Mission: We believe in our mission of promoting marriage among singles and inculcating positive attitudes towards marriage among all singles in Singapore to achieve strong and stable families in Singapore.

It dead seriously, if a small place like Singapore don´t get enough people to get kids, Singapore will not be as successful as it has been, it will lose its attraction economical and  social. It most be nice for a lot of people to have their valentine day 365 days a year, and sponsored by the government. They even inspire smart people to get kids with smart people so they get more kids that are smart. Ethically that is not accepted by a lot of cultures. But what do you call University town? A place for smart people to study, date and get smart kids in…

A Different Kind of Homework for Singapore Students: Get a Date.

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Published by on februari 11, 2009

Did go to my first Founders Alliance meeting yesterday evening. They have the strongest networking buzz in Sweden. Did see why people are talking / buzzing about them, they give entrepreneurs power (sharing knowledge makes business grow).

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Manpower vs. Womanpower

Published by on februari 9, 2009

Manpower vs. Womanpower

Here is an a multi billion business idea. The company called is founded by a woman and called Manpower. It is today globally a $21 billion business. Here is the idea, found a company called Womanpower and provide the same serves but only for Woman. This will give woman an better way into business. The time is right and the money is good (read billions).

The rate of female participation in the labor force is significantly lower than that of men in all countries. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Manpower has a free download report about woman’s situation on the workforce across the globe. There report point out that still in documented studies are still lag men significantly. Download PDF (450 K).

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Published by on februari 8, 2009

A friend of my, was sadly rubbed in Sweden. He got the police-report and and saw the name of the criminal how did rub him. Because he is a blogger he started to search online for the person, and guess what! He found the person how rub him on He could then see his photo, friends etc (but he did not ad him as friend). First I thought he was joking with me but he did not (I will not put in the link to the criminal person here but it is a true story). The reason for why it happen is simple: The criminal world is like another business based on network, and for them many time a question of life and death. is in other words a good place for the police to hunt criminals on and understand how they build their networks.

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