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Published by on januari 30, 2009

Sina Vosough plays guitar in his band Restrained. He came up with the idea to make guitar sting in Steel, how called up Sandvik (the story in Swedish). They hired him and now are the strings rolling out globally. The innovation will make guitars not to lose the tone, so thanks to Sina Vosough and Sandvik will music sound better.

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Published by on januari 27, 2009

Chris Anderson are one of the smartest brains in the business field, and his coming to Malmö, Sweden, 4 Feb, check out

Here is a video about his next book Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business. Don’t miss his lecture (its almost for free).

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Published by on januari 26, 2009

This is the kind of story that you wish was fiction, but it is not. Sometimes business gets to cynical and this is in the world record level. Read a strong the article: The Real Story Behind Bisphenol A by David Case.

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Published by on januari 22, 2009

belgispress.jpgTrends are by fare the biggest business magazine in Belgium.

Reporter Sjoukje Smedt did write this good article in Nederland’s langue, download for free here (PDF).

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Barack Obama: To be, or not to be a super nation

Published by on januari 20, 2009


To be, or not to be a super nation: that is the question Barack Obama has to answer 2009. I think it’s about moving history into a future, not based on history, but based on tomorrows demand ore not demand for a super nation.

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Published by on januari 19, 2009

I believe in a dream that we are ONE world and with Barack Obama it is no longer only a dream.

”Televised to the nation, the ”We Are One” Opening Celebration is a declaration of common purpose and new beginnings. Today’s performance will be grounded in history and brought to life with entertainment that relates to the themes that shaped Barack Obama and which will be the hallmarks of his administration.” 

It is an historical moment, also that they use a brand as Hallmark to describe it.

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Obama buzz of innovation

Published by on januari 17, 2009

The White house is soon going to be the A&D department to the world. The reason why blind people can lead them self is that they listen more (they don’t have a choice). Barac Obama doesn’t have any choice he has to lead the world to a better place than where it is today. He got some advisers to lead him but he has to listen really good to what the worlds demand. And he is listening to our demand for CHANGE and we can change. This is the reason for why I believe there is so much BUZZ going around for innovation. The world now that with big changes is coming big innovation opportunities (and big failure for does how doesn’t want to change).

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Published by on januari 14, 2009

seminar.jpgAt least two of the best speakers in Sweden are lecturing at this seminar The Next Code of Communication. Adapts and change in a landscape that moves faster than ever before. I am honored to be one of the three speakers, check it out (its going to grow into a blogg).

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Film clip: World of Warcraft funeral

Published by on januari 13, 2009

A close friend does play the game World of Warcraft. One of his team players died in real life, so they arranged this funeral – in World of Warcraft for his avatar.

It is really a nice thing to do, to show respect for your friend avatar and the person behind it. I think we will see more of this emotional attachment to our virtual worlds.

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Climate change increase survival strategy

Published by on januari 11, 2009

Cant stop thinking about a theory I have that every person has develops his or her unique survival strategy. Every gene in our bodies has a clear purpose to survive. To achieve surviving we create a survival strategy based on our situation, risks, environment and other local variables to survive. The old saying: Understand where I am coming from. Is basically to understand a person is to know where they coming from, because then you know how they have develop their survival strategy. Big changes for our survival as the climate change will therefore give us common goals to survive we need our tribe to rescue the planet. In other words survival strategy are getting more social (don’t say ice melting can have some positive effects).

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