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Top 10 posts – updated 25 August 2008

Published by on augusti 25, 2008

Read the Top 10 most popular posts for the moment. We got a former nr 1 as the new nr 1, check it out: A Skype Night in Stockholm. New post on the list: Hire fat people in health food stores, How sending summer post cards can build a new brand, Where the Hippie movement more interactive than Internet?, Cosplay: Avatars in real life, and You are their fashion designer.

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Published by on augusti 23, 2008

Jeff Dunham is an innovative and extremely funny comedian. He makes jokes about terror and things I cant write about (cant afford his bodyguards). Kids know every word in this YouTube clip: Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Walter For President and Bubba J. Don’t think this comedian would stay alive in 30 second if he performed this for the wrong audience. But after 9/11 and other terrifying thing that has been happen in the name of terror people need a relief (an laugh), to heal and deal with everything that’s been happening. Jeff Dunham is doing this excellent.

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Published by on augusti 21, 2008

In the blog post Pictures and storytelling are a lot of good points being said as:

Great photos come from a substantial investment in telling the story, no matter what it is.

The old saying that a photo says more than thousand words, will live BUT it is so to fake photos today digitally that people don’t trust them as much as before. This is also to reason for why amateur photos are growing strongly (we believe more in them). I believe that we like photos where we can se our self and when we see ourselves we spread the word (from me to you), in the commercial world we call it storytelling. For a photographer it means that work has change from making the picture for the thousand words to create a mirror.

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Published by on augusti 18, 2008

We help you explore your passions by collecting stories about “all the topics” on the web. We’ve grouped these collections — “aggregations” — into individual Alltop sites based on topics such as environment, photography, science, Muslim, celebrity gossip, military, fashion, gaming, sports, politics, automobiles, and Macintosh. At each Alltop site, we display the headlines of the latest stories from dozens of sites and blogs.

The best think is that you have a lot to share with others at your alltop. We share a lot of marketing topics on the

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50 birthdays to Madonna

Published by on augusti 16, 2008

Madonna is an amazing artist that has been born again today. She changes so many times over the years that I think she is been reborn 50 times at least. Not many artists are so good in adapting them self and change with time. Here are two related post on that subject: Madonna Management. Madonna DNA on here next CD? And your DNA on a blog?
The cake is from the fan Fredrik Strage.

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Carlsberg: Probably not: Play with fans

Published by on augusti 16, 2008

The Danish brewer had planned to link up with the tabloid newspaper to give readers a free pint over this month’s bank holiday weekend. But the move was met with derision from some Liverpool fans, who were angry the club’s shirt sponsor was working with a newspaper hated by many in Merseyside.

The learning point for Carlsberg: Probably not: Play with fans.

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Published by on augusti 15, 2008

The first person how bought the fax machine was an idiot! Because there where nobody to fax to.
Kevin Kelly,

That “idiot” was motivated to spread the word and build their fax tribe of users.
It is amazing to here how the Internet is and how it al will be one machine in the future. Kevin ends the lecture with a point to grow into: “We are the web (we are going to be the machine).” He calls this stage the ONE… and the ONE is us. I really like to meet Kevin Kelly ONE day.

Thanks to Daniel Hjelmtorp for sending this link.

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Published by on augusti 13, 2008

Got this email today from Al Gore. I to think it important and want to share it with YOU. It says that grassroots can and will change the world and you as a blogger are a part of that change:

Dear Stefan,
I learned today that Barack Obama is about to cross an incredible milestone. Nearly 2,000,000 Americans have made a contribution and joined his campaign for President.
This is an extraordinary moment for our nation. Barack Obama is proving that successful campaigns don’t have to depend on Washington lobbyists, but instead can rely on millions of Americans joining together to fight for a cause they believe in.
I think it would be a powerful statement if the members of helped put Barack Obama over the 2,000,000-donor mark. You can make a contribution to his campaign today by visiting:
Barack Obama, because of his incredible campaign, has a unique understanding of what it means to lead a movement of people committed to improving our country. He knows that change will not come from Washington, but will come instead from millions of people joining together and taking action.
Today you can help expand the movement to elect Barack Obama President, by making a contribution and growing his campaign to 2,000,000 donors.
We need a President who does not enter the White House in debt to corporate lobbyists, but one who owes his success to small contributions from millions of Americans. You can help make that possible.
Thank You,
Al Gore

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uy Kawasaki Show

Published by on augusti 12, 2008

Watch a controversial and fun “Guy Kawasaki Show.” He delivered his lecture in a stand up charm way that few business speakers can come close to. Some of the points are about Apple and god.

The lecture is 40 minutes but it a lot of fun and full of good business points. The lecture: "The Art of the Start" @ TiECon.

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Jerry Seinfeld: Quote about your car and body

Published by on augusti 10, 2008

If your body was a car, you wouldn’t buy it.
Jerry Seinfeld

Quote from SeinfeldThe Pick (Season 4, Episode 13).
Directed by Tom Cherones (1992).

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