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A Jesus statue build with Lego

Published by on oktober 31, 2007

In Sweden is a church in Västerås taping into the consumer engagement wave. They are going to build a Jesus in Lego parts. It will need at least 20.000 white Lego parts to build it. Their priest Per Wilder ( are looking for people how have white Lego parts and wants to help build the Jesus statue, it you like to join, build ore send Lego to them – here is contact information to the Church.

Did search for “church + Lego” on and got 2.070.000 hits. It seems that Lego and religion are a strong combination.


This church is build by Amy Hughes, here first project was a large house, about 4 feet by 2 feet in size. Just like me there is a lot of question ask what’s motivate and how it’s done so she has a good FAQ on the site. What would you build?

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Kanye West DNA for business

Published by on oktober 30, 2007

Do you remember the artist 50 cent? Well he was at the top but did go into a battle with Kanye West.

Watch how Kanye West made the rest on MTV to look like history channel. When was the last time a brand make a move like that?
Other artist that knows how to update their magic DNA to compete is Madonna (it cost more than 50 cent to stay on top, but it will make you dance al the way to the bank).

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Meeting Mr Dev Anand

Published by on oktober 29, 2007

bollywood_guru.jpgMr Dev Anand is one of the biggest Bollywood stars in history. Did meet him 8/10-2007 in Stockholm at the Sweden India Film Association. His passion for film is like fire and fuel to get the fire burning is stories. I wont say his age but he is born in 1923, and still burning. Did take the photo with my mobile so its not the sharpest, but he was sharper.

Here are some of his answers to our questions:
What’s your main source of inspiration? My self!
What do you think about increased competition in the film industry? The bigger challenge, the bigger quality.

And his one-liners:
I am in love with cinemas, its my soon, my father, my mother.
I don’t do documentaries, I do stories!
All film I made is my best film; otherwise I would not make them.
If I do a film in another country the idea need to be international. If I came here to do a film it needs to be understand in India and the rest of the world.
India is rich, India is poor, India is everything!

About his new book “Romancing with Life” he put it this way: “You will find me talking on every pages of this book.”

Many CEOs can use his statement: “Being a person of the people is success formula!

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Levi’s World instead of Second Life?

Published by on oktober 27, 2007

Are you fed-up of Facebook, sick of Second Life? If so, then you may be interested to know that Levi’s are claiming to have ‘disrupted the convention’ of such social networking sites with the launch of the first ever (they reckon?) branded virtual world.

Its been called Levi’s World, but I search for it on Google its hard to see how of them is the original site… I guess that Levi’s World is already out there and run by their fans.

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From Google Downtown to Google credit card

Published by on oktober 26, 2007

To combine “Google Downtown” with a Google credit card they could change both the online and offline world and at the same time make history. Old credit cards don’t have any technology that can compete with the solution. Today’s credit cards are not much more than modern version of money. Google credit card will make the purchase a part of your own Google Downtown and your life. Purchases can be handled as road signs, nothing personal but ad value in consumer’s life. Where you go, drive and shop says a lot about you and can ad value in your life if the system behind the technology is built to expand time, value and offers (depending on the information you provide the system). If consumers put in information and get out more then they will give more. This can then al be develop into a community version of Google Earth. So for an example when your traveling you can get to know the things you like in that town (because your behavior pattern don’t change because you change town). Also you could get to know the people with the same interest in other places etc.

In this offline/online world can advertising be more relevant and pay pack time can be me measurable in minutes. This off course can means big money for Goolge (they can also develop Google money, instead of points consumers can then get paid direct).

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Facebook rape scandal in 1984

Published by on oktober 25, 2007

Today the social network is doing all the mistakes that George Orwell wrote about in his novel 1984. The scary part of the book is the Big Brother Syndrome (that same syndrome is now investing dollars in Facebook). I think the panic that now is starting to spread like a prairie fire in media should not have been there if it was Google behind the deal. In Sweden media is now warning people that Facebook can and will manipulate you forever (and a lot of Swedes are deleting their memberships). The Swedish IT guru Pär Stöm says to Metro: In the future when you write to a friend that is feeling down you might get an ad for Prozac on Facebook. He also points out that headhunters in the future can check who your friends were 30 years ago (really nice if you are becoming a politician).
When put up against the Swedish culture, that holds a strong sense of integrity, this situation resembles a rape of your personal integrity. Soon the more than 400.000 Swedish members of Facebook might be fewer (not in 1984 but in 2007).

Microsoft did pay 240 million dollar for 1,6% in Facebook, I strongly believe it cost Facebook more than 500 million dollar brand value.

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Apple is open there church with iPhone stories

Published by on oktober 24, 2007

Apple was more religion than products for a long time. Then they sort of become the big companies and closed their church but now they opening it for new market and believers.

If you’ve recently bought an iPhone, we’d love to hear your favorite story about using it. We’re all ears.

The tribe potential that they can deliver with iPhones connected with stories is like going from an Apple to a Watermelon.
Thanks to Daniel Hjelmtorp for sending this link.

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AT&T suspend unhappy customers

Published by on oktober 23, 2007

Big companies do big mistakes:

Telecommunications company AT&T updated its terms of service for its DSL customers recently with an interesting addition: the company will now suspend the accounts of those who talk badly of it. The new line reads that service may be suspended if a customer’s comments ”tends to damage the name or reputation of AT&T, or its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries.”

The reason for why big companies do big mistake is simple the fact that they are driven by fear. Fear is no good for creating future, only protecting history.
Thanks to Daniel Hjelmtorp for sending this link.

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From the Wild West to Google Downtown

Published by on oktober 22, 2007

google_downtown.gifInternet has been nothing but the Wild West from the start until right now. It has developed in the speed of light but not as fast as it could do with more money. Companies as Google are getting 99%* of their income from the advertising money. Most advertisers are not yet spending big money online (not yet). With more money Internet will grow like never before. The highways on Internet have not yet much of direction and billions of consumer’s don’t know where to drive.

Google Earth is the first step to Google Downtown.

The search market is big online, but not yet offline. Thinks changes when technology as mobiles, broadband etc is melting downs to ONE solution.

Big money is will invest when the online world get offline. I would say that 99% of Google income yet only comes from a 1% market share.

The online market is a small market compare to the offline market (where we shop, eat and enjoy “real life”). When we are driving in our cars, we use road signs to find out where to go. That road sign could soon become Google how talks with your technology (car/GPS, mobile, computer etc). I call it “Google Downtown.” Old road sign don’t need to know how you are. The new powered buy Google could give you more relevant information if you allow it to know more about you, like history, live, are right now and shopping etc. The motivation to get you telling Google this is providing you added value in life with free Mobile phones, Internet and most communication.
Headlines in The New York Times show the future:

Google Bids to Help San Francisco Go Wireless.

I think it is amazing how Google don’t stop but instead drive change by moving forward. Their goal is not history it is future. Google are now moving into becoming an Internet provider and are trying to provide free WiFi to everyone in San Francisco.

Our calculation show that a city wide WiFi service can be offered for free in a city like San Francisco, with a breakeven in the 4 year… in Europe could also Paris and London become possible for this solution. Maria Hellström, Group Manager Cap Gemini (Speech at Tendensdagen18/10-2007*).

Well, there are no free lunches they say. But when they give you free Internet (including free mobile on Internet). When you’re in this free zone you are paying for the lunch to Google by providing information about your self. Every step you take is a search for something. Combining online and offline living is more ore less like give your tomorrow diary to advertisers. Off course this is a privacy discussion (and should be so). If Google can ad value to consumers life they are willing to give away information.
Can a computer ever be personal? Well maybe not but the information in them are for sure personal.
Are road signs personal? No! But still they are doing the same work as Google Downtown could do in the future.
Can this new version of Google road sing provide us with information without selling out our privacy? Yes I think so.
Hopefully these steps will take Internet from the Wild West and Google Downtown.

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A voice over not done by Bill Gates

Published by on oktober 21, 2007

I don’t think Bill Gates done this voice over.

Turn up the sound and check it out. Thanks to Nicolai Wadstrom’s Blog for the link.

Take also a look at Jeff Han serious talk to there future.

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