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Build a Harry Potter Land

Published by on juli 26, 2007

Disney Land was created in a time when was magic. Today its old news and kids are looking for Harry. Why not build a Harry Potter Land? It wont cost a fortune to build because it don’t need to central (the magic train from London would be a part of the trip). A forest with the classical school building will be enough for a start. It would be cool to actually make it to a real school and have magic as a topic (sign me up).

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Save the planet in 60 seconds with Al gore

Published by on juli 25, 2007

It is the opposite of “Gone in 60 seconds,” it is about saving the planet in 60 seconds. And it is Al Gore how now not only go to there advertising firm, they go to the consumers of the world to save the world.

Bellow is from Al Gores newsletter today: “60 Seconds to Save the Earth:”

If you had 60 seconds to convince all of your friends that they needed to take action to stop the climate crisis, what would you say? How would you get the attention of millions of people all over the world? Make the best 15, 30, or 60-second ad showcasing how you or someone you know is taking action to alleviate the climate crisis — or create an original, persuasive message that will open eyes, inspire change and empower your audience. Make a difference — in 60 seconds you can save the planet. You not only can win a new Toyota hybrid car but also a planet you can drive it on to. Get the details and create your ad at

You not only can win a new Toyota hybrid car but also a planet you can drive it on to.

I don’t think the point of the commercial is to show it on television is about turning believers into a “60 second worLd of moth commercial,” that will save the planet before its gone in 60 seconds.

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The Viking Manifesto a new book

Published by on juli 24, 2007

Describes the Scandinavian approach of doing business. This new book talks about having an original idea and a different way of making it happen. It shows how Scandinavian companies make an impact on the business landscape, and what lessons other companies can learn from them.

”Vikings decide what they want, and accept the risk that comes with it.” Are you bold enough to read the book? ore

”A welcome invasion” Guardian

Viking Manifesto: Ett nyvässat svärd i striden om kunderna” Jack Hansen

Authors and Vikings: Steve Strid and Claes Andreasson

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Product + body = Axbo a wakeup for technology

Published by on juli 21, 2007

Axbo is an alarm clock that wakes you when you’re body is ready. It is connected to your body and has a function that is interesting:

“With aXbo you can wake up in your optimal sleeping phase which is identified by a unique wake-up algorithm based on body movements.”

There are so many products coming out now that are connected to consumer’s body becoming ONE = “product+body”. Like “Nike+iPod” and others, this is a good way to take customize products to the next level. How can this be develop for cars, airplane and apartment? When will some offer the Axbo alarm clock for free if they can waken consumers with their sponsored brand?

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Get Harry Potter mania for free

Published by on juli 20, 2007

Soon the new Harry Potter book is being sold in bookstores. And even before it’s out it is on Pirate bay for free download (not legal). That shows how strong the Harry Potter mania is. I wonder when they are going to take the next step of the mania?
Toys will be a part of kid’s bodies in the future

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iGore + Live Earth = Walk the talk to music

Published by on juli 8, 2007

Nike + iPod is a here to run. But what not make them for walking the talk with music. Then they can do more than listen to good music at Live Earth. Why not build a where al green fans can join for a green walk to work etc. instead of driving their car. Then you could compare your steps with famous people like Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna and get green points that are connected to the sponsors of the Live Earth walk. One point with this project is that it is positive for your health and weight (walk on earth and save it at the same time).

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