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From Thoughtvertising to Shitvertising

Published by on maj 31, 2007

Thoughtvertising is when companies pay consumers to think of there company for a day.

“For a $10,000 US slice of the advertising budget, Floyd Hayes will think really hard about your brand each hour for one week.” The Vancouver Sun

Thoughtvertising is for shore the more fun part of what others call guerilla marketing (there is now holy parts of the market with in guerilla warfare). Why not then also pay consumers $10,000 US to think of their competitors in the toilet (when they deliver sxxx). I like to call it Shitvertising.

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Mirror demands make Dove lie about consumer’s age

Published by on maj 24, 2007

I do admire Dove for putting real people in there ads. They say that the photos are not retouched and it is the truth we are seen. But at the same time I heard from good sources that they do retouch the photos. They have taken away things that they don’t think people like to see (if you look at them you don’t really see any ugly think, just more shapes). They say it is a thin line for what consumers consider real people (they mean real fake). The reason they do this is that there is a demand for what we like to see in the Dove brand mirror. We like to see ourselves as we are (beautiful and not ugly beautiful). The beauty industry has been faking everything for so long that they don’t know how to be real. Some of my sources say that they don’t think the not retouched photos would sell Dove. Well with the words “Dove is pro age are you?” They shore need get it a 100% real behind the brand ore more it will soon in the consumer version become “Dove is pro age ling are you?”Campaign for real fake beauty.” I don’t want this and consumer doesn’t need more fake. Dove says, “Does beauty have an age limit?” no but consumers have a fake limit.

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Published by on maj 23, 2007

See private photos seconds after they have been uploaded, check it out Got the link by mail from one of Sweden’s most prominent bloggers Mattias Durnik.

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Stories to fake Rolex for real

Published by on maj 22, 2007

For some days ago, a close friend gave me a Rolex watch. It was really kind (have a passion for watches). It was a fake Rolex and it only works if I move everyday (more than sitting by the computer). The moving part is really fun… I have to move to make it work ore pay around 4300 Euro to get the original watch. But when I move more people will see it. If the original watch hade the same function they could gave it away to people how move where the right buyers see it (well brands do this with stars). This function will make consumers walk the talk.
In Scandinavia some are starting to sell what they call “real fake” Rolex. They sell them with stories to make them less fake: The same suppliers make it in the same fabric as the original. And this is the best of the stories I ever heard from the fake business: Rolex found a fake fabric so good that now body could se what was the real watch ore the fake so they had to pay them 50 Million Euros to close it. But now Rolex are producing their originals in the same fabric…. Wow good storytelling, if you want to believe it (and a lot of consumers want to believe it). I have been talking with some other brands that truly are producing the fake versions of there one product (they say that this is a smart way of controlling the fake business). With suppliers it is always a thin line of what’s real and what’s fake. At least my Rolex stop’s the time, that will not the real Rolex do! By the way today it’s my birthday so maybe you can send me some links to cool fake products?

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Find what’s around the corner today

Published by on maj 16, 2007

In my ONE book I pointed out this: ”When a company is “provoked by its customers’ participation in the organization, a new ecosystem is created and the company becomes ONE with market evolution and avoids becoming the victim of drastic paradigm shift.” And I did use this model.

Now I see that this interaction the companies have with consumers are developing them closer the future. When they are really close they also understand what’s around the corner. Then they connect the evolution of their business with the future (close friends don’t always needs to talk, they understand each other anyway). It is simple a way to: Find what’s around the corner today.

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Play a game when driving your car

Published by on maj 15, 2007

GPS navigation is now offering celebrity voices of Dennis Hopper, Mr. T, Gary Busey etc. Listen to them here. That’s cool, and fun but maybe your wife ore husbands voice would have more effect on your driving? What’s next? I think there soon will be hackers that will offer new software for GPS navigation. This new software will make you a part of old driving games and new games that could have names as “GPS Formula Drive” and offers drivers to play a game when driving in cities as New York and Tokyo. Off course this is not legal and it is dangerous but that is also driving. I don’t recommend it but the gamers will love to play in real life. Cant stop thinking of the movie “The Game” – when reality where becoming a game. The commercial opportunites in this sort of game is so big that companies will step in to the legal gaming to. Think of it having 5.000 cars competing to arrive first at your shop. This new “GPS gaming” will make your avatar become you, but in the car you don’t have a Second Life.

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ONE Key Note speaker to Marketing Management in Prague

Published by on maj 12, 2007


ONE Key Note speaker to Marketing Management in Prague.

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The biggest iPod hard disk in the world

Published by on maj 11, 2007

I hope there in the future will come an iPod, with a hard disk so big that I never ever anymore have to here the same song again for the rest of my life. Think that is called a “killer application” (you cant use the total value of it in a life time).

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300 is a masterpiece

Published by on maj 2, 2007

The movie 300 is so well done that I had to see it two times. It is extremely well done and it is the best lecture about strategy you will here this year. But it is not a “master peace” movie; it has a lot of violence that not al people will like. Kevin Robert, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi call the movie 300 a “Gladiator on steroids.”

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