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Consumer SWAT

Published by on november 28, 2006

Most companies only listen to consumers when they are in trouble. But most of them don’t know when they are in trouble ore they don’t care. That’s why companies can keep selling us cars that in fact are nothing more than a new painted T-Ford. It is time for consumers to take control of the evolution. The open source system is good but it is not aggressive enough, we need a team of “consumer SWAT” to open boardroom doors.

The originally SWAT: Special Weapons Assault Team
The consumer SWAT: Special Whispers Assault Team

I don’t mean that it should be done with violence ore crime but the force need to hit where it heart the most – bottom-line actions. How ones the brand if not the consumers? So if you want a car that is more than a new painted T-Ford and product and services that not looks like a history book you can build your self a positive consumer SWAT. How will be the first to put up to provide what whispers with action can do with Word of mouth?

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Word of senses at K1

Published by on november 27, 2006

This Friday there was the competition in mixed martial arts K1 here in Stockholm. The coolest think with this evening was the audience/fans. Most of them are training them self. X000 of them where using a pain relieving ointment, Tiger Balm. The whole stadium was like a big scent event for Tiger Balm. With that sporty image they could do after-shave and other fragrance for does how maybe not are sporty but like to spread “the word of scent for Tiger Balm.” In other words, word of mouth can be without any words when it is spoken with other senses.

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MarkIT Expo and SIME 06 & 100 millions in cash

Published by on november 24, 2006

Did hold a lecture this week for Association of Swedish Advertisers at the Internet MarkIT Expo. My books sold out direct and the interest for the ONE book in the IT community seams bigger than I understand. Another two day event for Internet in Stockholm that did end yesterday was the SIME 06. A good conference with leaders from the Internet tribe in Europe as the chief Ola Ahlvarsson and Andreas Weigend (ex. Chief Scientist of Some of the big point at this conference was that the most important point in making success on Internet is consumer input. Another point that the kid’s panel gave was that it is only grownups and teachers are using email.
This morning on the news did the Swedish Government say that they are planning of supporting woman to start companies with 100 millions (Swedish cash). That could mean a lot to the IT community – that do need more female entrepreneurs and thinking (and speakers at conferences).

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Search for love at

Published by on november 22, 2006

Most people search for love a whole lifetime. As they say there is one for everyone out there (but they are hard to find). That’s why date sites are BIG BUSINESS. Google like big business, why not tap into the growing of search for love? If Google could combine al the date sites in the world more people how search for love would find love. The results would be that new couples from different places so the world would become more ONE. How would you find and how will find you at ?

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How to double the traffic on Google

Published by on november 20, 2006

The simple fact of the matter is that good business is essentially childishly simple. Google, for example, could let visitors search its 8 billion pages by opening pages visited in a separate window so that instead of leaving the Google page, the visitor stays with the brand a little longer.

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Books bound in human skin

Published by on november 18, 2006

Consumer generated media is hot. Here is a story that is going deeper than the rest of consumer generated stories:

“A number of prestigious libraries — including Harvard University’s — have such books in their collections. While the idea of making leather from human skin seems bizarre and cruel today, it was not uncommon in centuries past, said Laura Hartman, a rare book cataloger at the National Library of Medicine in Maryland and author of a paper on the subject.” M.L. Johnson, Associated Press Writer.

To include consumers is good but this story seams a bit too much Hannibal Lector for my taste.

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Ghost Riding, a trend ore a massage?

Published by on november 17, 2006

In a time when people look for new leaders they express it in different ways. One-way is to do a new dance: Ghost Riding. It is danced like this; you drive your car slowly then walk out of it and dance around the car. At the same time the car is slowly moving down the streets with the music playing, but no one is sitting in the driving seat (film clip). The tribe of hip hop has and will always be good in pointing out big points that drives trends. And for business leaders this means big business if they can adapt to does trends. I can’t stop thinking of the problems GM has to sell their cars. It is now the time for the consumers to take place in the drivers seat. The question is will GMs business leaders dance to the new tones of opportunities?

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Bono wont laugh al the way to the bank

Published by on november 16, 2006

It ONE of the funniest version of BONE you ever heard singing. It is an must see video, so turn up the sound: See it here Jaffe cool blog Jaffe Juice.
Don’t think you will see Bono laughing al the way to that bank.

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Beck ad value to the music industry

Published by on november 16, 2006

The band Beck did perform and show their new CD in CBS Late show. Nothing new with that but this time it was more than an original CD. The Beck cover is design so the consumer’s can customized the cover. It is done with a fun attitude (that will make people talk about it. So fun that David Letterman did play with it the whole show.

The music industry has finally wakeup and instead of protecting evolution to go forward they tap into the consumer revolution and dance to the music of Beck.

By adding value to the CD Beck they are protecting them self from illegal copying on Internet (consumers do need the CD to have the experience). Why don’t take it to the next level and make it to a ticket to there next concert? And let the fans play in the band at that concert if they create the best cover?

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10 free ONE lectures in New York

Published by on november 1, 2006

I am an international speaker and author from Sweden who will be in New York in January to meet with media regarding my latest book, ONE – A Consumer Revolution for Business. The book has sold out in Europe and is widely distributed in Asia (and it is relevant to the American market). Ranked among the top five per cent by a leading speakers’ bureau, I have held over 500 lectures to audiences ranging from international corporations to academic institutions in Europe, Asia and Saudi Arabia.

ONE will next be released in the US in January 2007.

As well as meeting with media and bloggers, I plan to give 10 free lectures in New York (the only condition being that the organizer of the lecture agrees to purchase at least 50 books to give to attendees or colleagues).

For more information: Contact information for Stefan Engeseth

Update 18 December:
It seams like free lectures in the states gives the impression of that you are not a professional speaker. If I do these free lectures I need to start al over again. I think it is better to do some more homework and get in at the right level with the team (PR, speakers bureaus, agent and others with that I can work as ONE with).

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