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The sofa cover behavior

Published by on oktober 31, 2006

In one of my favored series Evertbody Loves Raymond, they have a sofa in his parent’s house. It can sound silly but I can’t stop thinking of the sofa cover in so many families home (why by something that you don’t use?). I think this is the case with many products for consumers, they shop not to consume but to show of. Why? Don’t the manufacture opportunities in this consumer behavior? What do you think this behavior is telling us? Is it an ad space for credit cards (enjoy life…)? Is the plastic protection something that is symbolic for other products to? And if we look fare out is “the sofa cover behavior” the first step to stay fresh forever (a sort of plastic operations?). Well next time I step in a home with a sofa cover I will ask them why? And next question would be: Do you have cover for your wallet to?
Is there anyone that now the history behind the sofa cover? Ore your sofa cover.

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I wanna tell you a story

Published by on oktober 29, 2006

One of the best think with blogging is the people I get to now and Trevor Gay is one of the nicest person in my blog world. He is now releasing his new book:

“I wanna tell you a story is a perfect example of the importance of storytelling in the leadership and management of any company. Trevor Gay offers a colorful matrix of stories that can help you better understand the complexities of work and leadership.” I wanna tell you a story

Good luck with your book Trevor.
How is the nicest person you got to now in the blog world (except me…)?

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Creative Match on ONE

Published by on oktober 28, 2006

Read a good interview on Creative Match about ONE.

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Made in America

Published by on oktober 27, 2006

Sadly most criticism of America as like the American brand Heinz is working, first nothing then al of it is coming. Too many people are criticizing America and are not seeing al the great things that are coming from over there. That’s why I did read the book Made In America, it was a really fun and reading. Especially since I like to now more about the American culture. If you look at products you can more ore less tell if the company how produced them are creative, have a cool corporate culture ore if you like to work there. That is the same thing with Made In China, Made In Sweden etc and Made In America is making me want to be a part of al the fantastic products that America has produced over the years.
The story behind products is really nice; even if I don’t believe many of them I love them. Like the ONE of the shoe manufacture “Bass” where the wife of the boss kissed every par of shoes goodbye that leaved the shop. In no country on this planet are they as good at building stories as in America. The book is also full of smarts product like the Bazooka Joe; costumers did get gum instead of penny as change when buying other things and of course more than gum… If you read this book you will see the connection in why American cars look like they do and why was invented in America and not could been done some ware else. Did see the book on that it is for special price of $2.99 (you wont get Bazooka Joe on your change money – but a great book).

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Feed the story

Published by on oktober 24, 2006

Most consumer values are as creative as the barcode on the product. Visible consumer value can “feed the story” and spread it to other consumers and media. Normally are does stories based on user experience but what if everything a company does should be based on an open story where the consumers can “feed the story”? This could make consumers turn into a radio, and spread the news, trends and increase sales? In many way are companies that base their sales force on costumers representatives are better to “feed the story” as the Tupperware they make billions by feeding and not only bar-coding the story. How can you “feed the story”?

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$80 billion make car dealers listen to women

Published by on oktober 23, 2006

Old ore new management will listen to $80 billion: “Women purchase half of the vehicles sold in the United States each year, spending over $80 billion. Yet, shopping for and buying a car can be a challenge for women who are first time car buyers or for women who had a bad experience in the past with a car salesman or dealership.” Ask Patty

Consumer power is making woman stronger as consumers, so finally managers can listen. And if they listen good Ask Patty will certified the car dealer (money talks on blogs to)

Many others have pointed out the problem with business that doesn’t listen to woman consumers. But on at Ask Patty are a community crowing with the blog and collective buying power. They are having fast drivers experts as Deborah Renshaw a NASCAR Professional Driver. And others that give raw power to what consumer power means for the car business. What other business do you think, woman consumers power make listen to $?

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Naked at Tendency day

Published by on oktober 20, 2006

Every wear there is a full day marketing seminar in Sweden called Tendency day. It is full of speakers from around the world. In Sweden we like fun speakers but if they don’t deliver “value for business” they fit better at the local pub. A speaker that delivered business values was Niku Banaie from Naked Communications. His massage was clear: We al need to change because the world is changing. Common sense would most people say but this day many of the traditional branding gurus was confused by the fact that the world is changing. Mass communication is not working for our client did the traditional branding gurus say. And for the first time al of them did not talk about building brands instead they where focusing on doing business with branding. The reason is that their clients don’t pay for traditional thinking in a time that needs creative thinking. I think they have to change fast ore next time find a local pub…
Thanks to Niku for making this years Tendency day more naked than dress with bad bullxxxx.

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How copy products can rule

Published by on oktober 15, 2006

Management that not is focusing on their history is more future oriented. They have more time focusing on how to become the original for consumers (there is a big gap to fill when big companies are to stiff to listen an develop).

Copy brands will soon deliver not only cheaper product, but also a better product with more consumer value and innovative level (this will work with the speed of light that a positive consumer power offers).

The way brands and product develop is to be adoptive with their consumers. This means that brands that interact and learn will rule. Look at the development of the software industry and compare it with the car industry. If they should shift the learning levels of what they perform – cars should fly in the sky and be easily be updated to become more environment friendly and more stuff that we yet haven’t seen but are waiting for. I have to give credit to the Asia car manufactures that started out as copy products and today make the rest of the word look as a museum. Toyota is with their new environment cars driving the business to the future. The point is that they al started to copy, than learn and now rule the car industry. This is the same way you and I started to learn how to walk before we now how to run. To many companies don’t move and learn how to run to new places.

A case that shows how the copy can rule!
If you create a purse or a perfume for Yves Saint Laurent, you can in all likelihood smuggle them into stores that are only set up to detect people taking things out of the store. When the customer then buys them and people see them on the street, they will start asking for these products. Someone who actually did this was Ito Morabito, a 21-year-old Frenchman who created fake products for real brands. He placed ads on the Internet that attracted customers who liked what they saw and wanted to buy the fake products. The real brands had no choice but to work with the young designer. Currently, “Ora Ito”, as he is known today, creates designs for brands such as Heineken, Swatch, and for his own exhibition in Milan where he caters to his own fans.
Ora Ito is fond of saying, “Make your dream happen.” So when will we see your products or your customers’ products on the market?

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Is Google buying Internet?

Published by on oktober 11, 2006

Well maybe not the hole but yesterday Google purchase, what’s next Nothing wrong with big is getting bigger. Most time it loses its underground power with a big owner, but Google has a lot of good “rot values” in its brand.

If Google works closer with consumers and less with technology they could develop Internet 7.0 in 3 mounts!

People love people but are they finding each other with Google? I think people search of each other in different ways with Google and eBay ore at the local bar; we shop and consume each other. Did a post about how this could develop: From Google Earth to Google Globe Traveling. It is getting thousands of readers each moth since I post it in April.
Internet 3.0 is growing to be more a community building its own society, and some of the 3.0 sites are growing faster than Google. That is one of the reason they did buy YouTube. When you’re big as Google and consumer’s behavior change, it sometimes cost $1.65 billion, to catch up (what will it cost to get to Internet 7.0)?

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Bloggers get pay to fake

Published by on oktober 9, 2006

In a most to read article “Bloggers for hire” by Stephen Armstrong are a scary picture painted:

“…companies felt like a boxer attacked by thousands of children – staggering from tiny blow to tiny blow, unable to hit back but sure that, at some point, damage was being done.”

That is not the scary part it is how companies react. Instead of learning from what consumers are blogging about they are now paying bloggers to fake it. Sadly companies don’t understand that this will only turn real love from fans to cheep prostitution. Read the full story here (subscribe). I do hope that this is a bad joke (what do you think?).

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